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What You Should Tell Yourself Once a Day ...

By Holly

If you want to be productive--and better yet, happy--then there are certain things you should tell yourself once a day. They'll be little reminders that you're in control of your own life and can make your day as amazing as possible. Your happiness is all up to you, which is why you need to keep your thoughts positive. Here are a few things you should tell yourself once a day:

1 Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You for

Every single day, you should do something productive. It doesn't matter if you get ahead on your homework, if you return important work emails, or if you buy your parents their birthday presents. Just do something that you can cross off of your to-do list, so you'll have one less thing to worry about tomorrow.

2 Yesterday Doesn’t Matter

If you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush yesterday or failed an exam, aim to forget about it. There's no reason to dwell over past mistakes. You should be focusing on today and tomorrow instead of yesterday. So instead of crying over your Chemistry test, you should sit down and study so you're prepared for the next test.

3 I'm in Charge of My Own Happiness

You're in charge of your own happiness. You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to the situation. So if your boss yells at you, don't get upset. Fix the problem if you can and if you can't, brush off your boss' complaints. Don't let them ruin your happiness for the day.

4 I’m Beautiful

It's important to tell yourself this when you look in the mirror in the morning. You don't want to start off your day by pointing out all of your flaws. As you brush your hair and apply your makeup, you should repeat the words "I'm beautiful" until you believe that it's the truth. When you start off the day with a positive attitude, it's easier to stay optimistic as the hours pass.

5 I Can do Whatever I Want

Remember that you're not only in control of your own happiness, but you're also in control of your own life. You can do whatever you want today. You could call up your crush and admit you love him. You could take an impromptu road trip. You could buy tickets to that concert you've been dying to see. The world is your oyster.

6 My Body Deserves to Be Treated Well

It doesn't matter if you hate your body for how thick or thin it is. No matter what your size, your body deserves to be treated well. It should be fed, clothed, washed, and worked out. Treat it well.

7 I'm Strong Enough to Survive the Day

You're capable of dealing with whatever life throws at you. Even if you're dreading the day ahead of you, you're going to make it through in one piece. You've been strong enough to survive every other day leading up to this one, so there's no reason for you to think that you won't be able to survive this one, too. You're stronger than you know.

If you tell yourself these things every single day, you should have an easier time being positive and productive. What else do you think is important to say to yourself every single day?

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