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Quotes about friendship should speak to all of us.

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have;

it’s their quality that counts and the impact they have on your life, and the impact you have on theirs.

Everyone should have friends to call upon in darkest times and to share the laughter and the best times, to share your downs and your triumphs.

If you need a little reminding about the value of friends, find it in these terrific quotes about friendship.

1. Best Friends

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I think this is one of those quotes about friendship that you only understand if you've got friends like these.

2. God Made Us Friends


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So true!

3. True Friends


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False or shallow friends won't be there for you during the hard times.

4. Discussions


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No topic is off limits between best friends.

5. Dramas

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It doesn't matter how many times they've heard it - they'll always listen to it again.2

6. Fake Friends


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So many friendship quotes come from an unknown source but they speak so loudly.2

7. Quality Not Quantity

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Your needs of and from friends change as you grow older.

It's only natural you need fewer friends to fulfill them.

8. Insanity


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Only best friends know the real you.

9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


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Few friends last forever and that's okay.

10. Protection


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Yes it's funny, but it's the strength of feeling when you have a best friend you love dearly.

11. The Best Stories

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Can you see the difference?

Do you live the difference?

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