25 Psychological 🤔 Hacks You Need 👍🏼 to Know in Life 🌎 ...


Did you know you have more influence than you think?? I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking, "me?" We're here to tell you that you DO. Using easy psychological tricks can help you in many social situations, and social situations happen basically every day. Understanding social behavior and how it influences the interactions around us is key to being able to take advantage of opportunities and influence people. We all want to be that confident person in the room. We all want to be comfortable in social situations, whatever they might be. These are easy things to pay attention to that will make a difference in the long run. That's why they're called hacks, after all.

1. Note the Eye Color of the Person You're Talking to

When you first meet people, try to notice their eye color while also smiling at them. It might be because you look for a second or two longer, but all I can tell you is that people really respond to it.

Don't Forget to Look at Their Feet
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