7 New Year's Resolutions to Consider ...

2014 is coming to an end and it's time to start a new list of New Yearโ€™s Resolutions.

It's helpful to write down your plans and consider your long-term life goals as well.

By doing this, you'll be more focused and a list will remind you of what needs to be done still.

If you want to plan your year ahead, donโ€™t miss these ideas of New Yearโ€™s Resolutions.

1. Eat Healthier

One of the most popular New Yearโ€™s resolutions is weight loss, but it is better to focus on eating healthier.

A skinny person is not necessarily healthy and can be at the same risk as an obese person.

Also, eating healthier is a long-term process that leads to more permanent results.

You donโ€™t need to be radical and cut all the yummy stuff.

For a start, you can try reducing the intake of sweets and see how it goes.

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