8 Wonderful and Strong Quotes about Feminism ...

By Olivia

8 Wonderful and Strong Quotes about Feminism ...

There are many quotes about feminism that are beautiful and strong. I love it when I come across a quote about women that portrays our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Many men and women have shed light on the power of women throughout the centuries, and here are a few wonderful quotes about feminism, from both well-known and lesser known figures.

Table of contents:

  1. women making history
  2. women leaders
  3. feminism is powerful
  4. women's needs
  5. women as solutions
  6. men without women
  7. women as fighters
  8. women's power

1 Women Making History

Women Making History One of my favorite quotes about feminism is this quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Isn't it so true? Most of the women that we know from history are famous because they did something that was not accepted or typical for their times. For instance Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape via the Underground Railroad, Susan B. Anthony fought for women' suffrage in the early 1900s, and Rosa Parks refused to be treated unequally and move to the back of a bus. Those who have fought for equality when it wasn't looked upon favorably are those who have made history -- and made our future better for that!

2 Women Leaders

Women Leaders How beautiful is this quote by Geraldine Ferraro? Leadership is such a highly regarded trait in our society, but most of the people we see in lofty leadership positions are men. However, look closer, and you will see all the women who have fought for their way to the top. Indeed, some leaders are born women.

3 Feminism is Powerful

Feminism is Powerful Jessica Valenti hits the nail on the head with this one. Feminism has almost become the second F-word in society. I know from personal experience that when I tell people I am a feminist they tend to become a bit hostile and question my beliefs. Feminism can do so much good in the world, but it threatens the norms of society, and can thus be a scary concept for some.

4 Women's Needs

Women's Needs This quote always makes me chuckle when I read it! Irina Dunn so eloquently and humorously dismisses the notion that women need a man. Thanks to a lot of women before us who fought for our rights, women no longer NEED a man to be able to thrive in society!

5 Women as Solutions

Women as Solutions Helene D. Gayle brings to light the fact that allowing women to contribute to most all aspects of society will help, not hurt, the world. To see meaningful and beneficial progress in the world, we need to make sure women are being able to contribute to their fullest potential and are not being hindered by the society in which they live.

6 Men without Women

Men without Women I love this quote by Mark Twain. It is so simple, and yet so true!

7 Women as Fighters

Women as Fighters This quote by Norman Mailer cracks me up. So many women can appear demure and serene in their everyday lives, but as soon as you confront them about something they are passionate about, brace yourself! Many women will fight for what they believe in as soon as you challenge them, and they will fight hard!

8 Women's Power

Women's Power This quote by Archie Andrews is so simple and yet so powerful. Women can and have achieved so much throughout history despite the limitations society often places on us. So never underestimate what women can achieve!

I love all of these strong quotes about women and feminism. What other quotes have you come across that exemplify the strength of women? Which are your favorites?

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