8 Wonderful and Strong Quotes about Feminism ...

There are many quotes about feminism that are beautiful and strong. I love it when I come across a quote about women that portrays our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Many men and women have shed light on the power of women throughout the centuries, and here are a few wonderful quotes about feminism, from both well-known and lesser known figures.

1. Women Making History

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One of my favorite quotes about feminism is this quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Isn't it so true? Most of the women that we know from history are famous because they did something that was not accepted or typical for their times. For instance Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape via the Underground Railroad, Susan B. Anthony fought for women' suffrage in the early 1900s, and Rosa Parks refused to be treated unequally and move to the back of a bus. Those who have fought for equality when it wasn't looked upon favorably are those who have made history -- and made our future better for that!

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