7 Best Quotes about Worry to Help Stop It in Its Tracks ...

By Rosalina

Most of us have a tendency to worry about even the smallest of things and sometimes worry can become debilitating, but these quotes about worry should help you to put things into perspective. Worry lowers our mood and can make us feel exhausted as we imagine all these scenarios that are unlikely to happen. Sometimes, a seemingly innocuous thought can grow from a tiny pimple into a full-blown worry-wart in a matter of minutes but these quotes about worry should help stop it in its tracks.

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1 Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere This is one of my favorite quotes about worry and I think it's so true. Worrying is pointless and gets you nowhere. Some people assume that the act of worrying will mean that their worst case scenario won't take place but the problem with this is that it drains you. So get out of your worry rocking chair and take a long walk to clear your mind instead!

2 Imagination

Imagination Our minds are powerful things and we create narratives and imaginary scenarios in our heads, which can be exhausting. It can become so powerful that we almost convince ourselves that things have happened when they haven't! Use your imagination to create joy and happiness and if you are a 'worst-case scenario' dreamer, put pen to paper and write it out instead.

3 Why Worry?

Why Worry? So, you had an interview or sat an exam and naturally you have come out of the room thinking it could have gone better. You then go home and worry that you should have said this or should have written that. The fact is, you can't change what has happened so worrying is futile. Just look ahead and smile!

4 Sorry and Strength

Sorry and Strength Don't assume that worrying will make it any easier to cope with tomorrow. All it does is make today more difficult to cope with. Remember to be in the present moment and enjoy it. The past and future exist purely in our heads and all that matters is the here and now, so breathe deeply and enjoy.

5 Do Something

Do Something We all have those nights when we just can't get to sleep because we can feel that worry-wart getting bigger by the second. One way to stop it from growing is to get up, make yourself a cup of tea and read. Don't let the worry get to you.

6 Solutions

Solutions I love this proverb. Worrying can be addictive and I know people who just love to worry. In fact, they love it so much that they worry if they have nothing to worry about! What an exhausting way to live. In the words of Bobby McFerrin, don't worry, be happy.

7 Work Vs. Whiskey

Work Vs. Whiskey Many people externalize their worrying by turning to something which might make them forget their troubles momentarily. Although this might make you feel better for a while and it's a great idea to have a good time and enjoy yourself, excessive reliance on things like alcohol will leave you with nothing more than a pounding head and a lifetime of regrets about the silly things you may have said or done. If you find yourself getting sucked deeper into the worry whirlpool, do something constructive and creative with your time. I love sewing and it completely takes my mind off anything which is trying to infiltrate my mind as I become immersed in the process of making myself something pretty. The worry wolf might keep circling my mind but I won't let him in!

If you have a tendency to worry, put these quotes on your wall or dressing room mirror so that you can read them in times of need. Which is your favorite one? What do you say to yourself when worry takes hold?

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I needed this article right now , thank u

I like the quote from Abraham Hicks. Great quotes. I'll definitely keep these, I tend to worry too much. These gave me a different perspective on this issue. Thanks very much!😉 👍


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