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I love searching for quotes about life. So many life quotes are simple, and yet so true, and many others are beautifully thought-provoking. Here are a few quotes about life that I find to be beautiful, creative, and true!

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Life Must Be Lived Forwards

black and white,font,organ,flower,monochrome photography, Of all the quotes about life I have come across, I find this Kierkegaard quote to be so simple, and yet so true. This quote essentially states that hindsight is twenty-twenty. How often have we wished we'd done something differently after we realized what the outcome would be? Life would be so easy if we knew how everything would play out and we could change our past decisions if we didn't like the outcome of something! But unfortunately, life doesn't work like this and must, indeed, be lived forwards.


Life: a Tragedy or Comedy?

human action,text,person,font,biology, I love this Jean de La Bruyère quote. While I don't find this quote to be an absolute truth, I think it brings up an interesting point. Sometimes when we are in a situation where we feel mortified, a few years later when we reminisce (and thus think) about that moment, we laugh at it. I know this happens to me at times!


Treading through Snow

human action,text,font,biology,product, This quote is so beautiful. If you picture life as a snow-covered path where every step you make will be highly visible, it implies you should choose your steps in life carefully. However, I like to think that the further you tread through snow, your prior footsteps tend to become less and less apparent as the snow keeps falling and covering them. (So a few missteps here and there aren't that big of a deal!)


Life is an Hourglass

Niagara Falls,text,person,font,brand, Niccolo Machiavelli so eloquently states that as we grow older, we should see life more clearly. I love the analogy of life to an hourglass, because as the sand trickles down the hourglass, the top becomes more and more transparent -- just as our life should the longer we live it. What a clever quote!


Dwelling on Dreams

text,font,handwriting,calligraphy,art, I love this quote from Harry Potter. While Harry mourns the death of his parents and wishes for them to come back into his life, Dumbledore recites this quote to him. J.K. Rowling (through Dumbledore) gets across the point that while dreaming has its benefits in life, one must not dream so hard that he neglects to live his real life.


Living is Rare

text,human action,person,font,handwriting, Oscar Wilde states a truth that not many people want to acknowledge. Sadly, many people go about their day to day business without stopping to smell the roses and enjoy their lives. Living entails so much more than just getting through the day or making it to the next checkpoint in your life. So don't forget to live your life instead of merely existing and drifting through it!


Life Goes on

black and white,ocean,coast,horizon,shore, How true. This Robert Frost quote is so succinct and yet so powerful. No matter what happens in life, it always goes on. So always remember, no matter how bad life gets, it will go on.

I love all of these quotes about life. I often search for life quotes in my spare time because I like to see how others perceive life. What other quotes about life do you like? Which of these is your favorite?

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