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7 Quotes to Remind You That Life is a Journey ...

By Chelsie

Reading quotes about life’s journey can help you remember to take your time as you travel through life. Often, people get caught up in trying to achieve goals or finish tasks without appreciating the process. However, when you do slow down, you are given the opportunity to enjoy life much more. Life is not about achieving all of your goals; it is about the process you take to achieve those goals. This is why it is important to remind yourself every so often that life is meant to be treated as a voyage by reading a few great quotes about life’s journey.

1 Nothing in Life is Impossible

Nothing in Life is ImpossibleThis is one of the quotes about life’s journey that is an excellent reminder that things are only impossible when you don’t try. As you go through life, it is important to remember that you need to push past negative thoughts, such as thinking something is impossible, because it is when you try something that you enrich your journey.

2 Life is Full of Enjoyment

Life is Full of EnjoymentThis wonderful quote by Ritu Ghatourey reminds you that life is full of enjoyment. You will have problems, and you will have many lessons to learn. However, even in facing problems there is also a lot to enjoy. So, next time you find yourself having to deal with a problem, remember this quote and think about all of the wonderful things you enjoy in your life.


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3 Don’t Look for the Destination

Don’t Look for the DestinationThis quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson is both simple and profound. It serves as a giant reminder that life is not about getting somewhere, achieving something, or finishing things. Rather, it is about the process, which is why you are much better off enjoying the process!

4 Inner Strength

Inner StrengthWhile Mariska Hargitay is a great actress, she is also a very wise woman. This quote from Mariska is something everyone needs to read every so often. Your life is yours and the journey is for you to enjoy. Don’t try to please everyone while you are on your journey. You need to live for yourself!

5 The Importance of Friends

The Importance of FriendsThis quote speaks to the importance of friends. The people in your life enrich your life and make it worth living, which is why it is important to take time to cultivate your relationships with your friends and family. They are, after all, on life’s journey with you.

6 You Have to Begin Your Journey Somewhere

You Have to Begin Your Journey SomewhereIf you are feeling like you are stuck in life, this quote from Confucius can be very helpful. It serves as a reminder that everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. You never know what might happen afterward!

7 What Matters Most

What Matters MostThis quote from Hemingway speaks volumes about life’s journey. Of course you should have goals. Just don’t get tunnel vision. There is so much to experience as you try to reach your goals!

Because we live in a goal oriented society, it is important to take time to remember that life is a journey meant to be enjoyed and not rushed through. All of these quotes are excellent reminders of the importance of the journey. Which of these quotes was most meaningful to you?

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