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Lost Your Motivation? 7 Ways to Get It Back STAT ...

By Alicia

Sometimes your motivation seems to go MIA. This can happen regardless of the goal you’re working toward. You could be trying to complete a degree, reach a certain size or give up a bad habit. Whatever your goal is and whatever the reason for your loss of motivation, you can get it back. Here are 7 ways to do that.

1 Make an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are exactly what they sound like. It’s a board that’s a collection of pictures, quotes and other things that make you feel inspired. It motivates you when you look at it and gives you the determination you need to keep working toward your goal. You can make one out of paper or an electronic one on a website like Pinterest. In addition to giving you motivation, they’re a lot of fun to make.

2 Look at How Far You’ve Come

Sometimes a pause is a good thing. It allows you to take some time to reflect. Use this time to look back and see how far you’ve come. You may be very close to reaching your goal. Seeing your past progress can be just what you need to motivate you to keep going.

3 Commit to Your Goal Publicly

If you’re struggling to stay motivated then you might want to consider this tip. Committing to your goal publicly can reignite your motivation. You don’t want to fail when you know others are watching you. You can commit publicly in different ways. You can tell a few close friends or announce your goal in a broader manner, such as on social media.

4 Talk to Others Who’ve Achieved Success

If you feel like giving up then you might need to talk to others to get some inspiration again. The best people to talk to are those that’ve achieved the same goal you’re working toward. They know what hurdles you’re facing in a way others can’t understand. They can share what helped them overcome difficulties along the way. Their tips and advice could be what spur you on to reach your goal.

5 Keep Focused on the Prize

If you don’t think about what you’re trying to achieve then your chances of success are slim. This is where keeping focused comes in. When you’re focused then your eye is on the prize. Your thoughts are on what you’re doing and just exactly how you’re going to do it. It can take some time to get focused, but you can do it.

6 Reach out for Help

Sometimes you feel stuck. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight and can’t break your plateau. You don’t know what to do and you’re frustrated enough to give up. This is the time you need to reach out for help. Talk to an expert on the subject who knows what will work. Another way of reaching out for help would be to find someone who has a similar goal to be your partner on your journey.

7 Celebrate the Baby Steps

Sometimes I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Recognizing the small steps you’re taking is important. It’s okay to celebrate baby steps! Together, they add up to really big steps. Try thinking of how you’d encourage a friend making baby steps and give yourself the same encouragement.

There are 7 ways to help you get your motivation back. What works for you when you’ve lost your motivation? Your tips could help others!

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