What Makes You Most Insecure According to Your Star Sign ...


What Makes You Most Insecure According to Your Star Sign ...
What Makes You Most Insecure According to Your Star Sign ...

Whether you want to admit it or not, every single human being in the world has something that makes them feel insecure. The strange and mysterious thing about humanity is that different things and situations affect different people in different ways. It goes so deep that sometimes you might not even have a real understanding of what makes you insecure until you are directly faced with it. Or perhaps, you could save some time and look to astrology for an answer? Here is what makes you most insecure according to your zodiac sign!

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You have a need to be loved by everyone, so your biggest insecurity is the fear of being rejected by people.



You rely on companionship, so you are most insecure about friends who you might sometimes consider to be secretly toxic.



You are terrified of failure in your personal life, so your biggest insecurity is the fear of getting dumped.



You are very sensitive to your emotions, so your biggest insecurity is the prospect of falling in love with someone but not being loved in return.



You have a jealous streak deep down inside, which manifests in an insecurity about ever meeting somebody who has absolutely everything that you have ever wanted but don’t have.



You are constantly feeling insecure about the prospect of being surrounded by lots of people, but for some reason, still feeling like you are very lonely.



You have always struggled with learning to love yourself, so you are extremely insecure when it comes to looking in the mirror to face your appearance.



Out of everything in the world, your biggest insecurity is constant fear that you are going to be cheated on by your partner.



You are naturally shy, and so feel very insecure about the fact that you are often the only quiet person in a room full of loud and confident companions.



You are a classic type A perfectionist, therefore it’s no surprise that your biggest insecurity is the thought of failing in any area of life.



You can’t stand a lack of closure, so one of your biggest insecurities is the thought of being ghosted by someone and left completely in the dark.



You still haven’t quite come to terms with being comfortable in your own skin, which makes you very insecure whenever you have to look at photographs of yourself.

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