Your Danger Level as Told by Your Star Sign ...


Your Danger Level as Told by Your Star Sign ...
Your Danger Level as Told by Your Star Sign ...

We often turn to our horoscope to find how our day, week, month, or even year is going to turn out. Sometimes it's all in good fun and sometimes we take it too seriously. Whatever the reasoning, our horoscopes can sometimes reveal so much about us as a person. As a Virgo, I find the overly organized and analytical description of me is extremely accurate-to a fault! Well according to, our zodiac signs can now reveal how dangerous we are. Find yours below and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with this list!

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, Surprise, surprise: Of all the zodiac signs, it turns out that the least dangerous is Gemini. You hear that, Kanye West? You ain’t so bad after all. No, but seriously, if a Gemini were to live life on the wild side, it’d probably just include stealing from your local grocery store. But beware: There’s an exception to every rule, as Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini and… well, you know how that went.



screenshot, It’s no secret that the Aquarian is a generally an amiable person — till you do them wrong, that is. When it comes to danger, this sign is ferocious when they’ve been stabbed in the back or have become a victim of wrongdoing. Otherwise, though, they’re pretty good natured, landing them on the number two spot on this list.



black and white, monochrome photography, darkness, monochrome, film noir, Roaring aside, Less typically steer clear of trouble. Notorious for their fierceness and all-eyes-on-me ways, this sign can get a little crazy though. In fact, a situation can escalate from 0 to 100 real quick for a Leo due to their psychotic temperament. Not to mention, their NEED for fame — even if it does come at a price.



audience, interaction, Strangely enough, Libras are more likely to commit a crime than Less and Geminis. Weird, right? Well known for their kindness and patience, Libras tend to… snap. Especially when their kindness is taken advantage of. You’ve been warned.



screenshot, Ah, Virgos. As the ultimate grudge-holders, this sign is more inclined to get into crimes along the lines of hacking, fraud, or burglary. They love to keep things nice and tidy — and don’t do anything without a fallback plan — so don’t expect them to f*ck up or leave a messy trail behind once they cross that danger line.



woman, hairstyle, fashion, photo shoot, bride, Known for their hot temperament, Pisces have many known serial killers in their ranks. From John Wayne Gacy to Richard Ramirez, other signs should beware of the fish which swims two directions. Word to the wise: They always have a hidden dark side. We repeat: Always.



hair, person, man, facial hair, sense, From petty crimes to downright evil deeds, be cautious of Capricorn the crook. While this sign doesn’t always resort to violence, when they do, they don’t hold back. That said, they’re not as neat and tidy as the Virgo: If they’re doing any wrongdoing at all, chances are they’ll get caught.



person, profession, speech, official, Landing on the spot number eight is none other than Aries. Notorious for their angry outbursts, stubborn rams don’t like being told what to do, where to go, or who to see. If you try to boss ‘em around, prepare to get beat TF down. Seriously, steer clear unless you want to land yourself at the hospital for a night or two — or more.



person, speech, screenshot, profession, Known for their temperamental ways, Taureans are possessive and stubborn. They’re the bull, after all, making them prone to rage and risk. As lovers of solitude, this sign prefers money laundering or financial crimes above others that involve engaging with others. Plus, they love their money.



darkness, muscle, screenshot, special effects, At spot number 10 is the Sag. Volatile and unforgiving, these guys can be super harsh when they’re messed with, and like to go for big, mass crimes. They’re natural-born leaders who like to do things their way and their way only. We mean, Pablo Escobar was a a Sagittarius. Hell, so was Ted Bundy. You get the idea.



cartoon, play, screenshot, Jealous, aggressive, and vindictive, Scorpios are NOT to be messed with. When this sign goes bad, there’s no coming back from it. Think: Murder. As sadistic as they are intense, while they might not commit the evil deed themselves, know that they’re definitely the ones pulling the strings. Stiiiiiingggg.



black and white, black, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Surprise, surprise: The most dangerous of all signs is none other than the cancer. Generally, Cancerians struggle with mental instability and mood swings, making them prone to act in the moment — which, as we all know, is NEVER a good thing. Crimes of passion are common for this sign, and just like a crab would, they always leave their mark.

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So true

I'm a cancer and these thoughts 🤔🤔

lol you're wrong about the Pisces. They don't always have a dark side. People with this star sign are always put down or being told they're dreamy or something negative.

Make no mistake behind that charming libra is a side you do not want to see. Don't screw over a libra. Seriously. You will be very sorry.

I'm a libra and it's the most unpredictable and unparalleled sign when it comes to anger. Strangely enough, we are able to be charming sweet the whole 9, but once we get pushed past our limits ( which takes a bit) there is no going back.

Agreed becas I'm a Pisces n well lol that's all I'm going to say

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