Your Danger 🚨 Level as Told πŸ—― by Your Star ⭐️ Sign β™ŒοΈβ™ˆοΈβ™οΈβ™“οΈ ...

We often turn to our horoscope to find how our day, week, month, or even year is going to turn out. Sometimes it's all in good fun and sometimes we take it too seriously. Whatever the reasoning, our horoscopes can sometimes reveal so much about us as a person. As a Virgo, I find the overly organized and analytical description of me is extremely accurate-to a fault! Well according to, our zodiac signs can now reveal how dangerous we are. Find yours below and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with this list!

1. Gemini

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Surprise, surprise: Of all the zodiac signs, it turns out that the least dangerous is Gemini. You hear that, Kanye West? You ain’t so bad after all. No, but seriously, if a Gemini were to live life on the wild side, it’d probably just include stealing from your local grocery store. But beware: There’s an exception to every rule, as Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini and… well, you know how that went.

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