The Insecurities of Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Insecurities of Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Insecurities of Your Zodiac Sign ...

If you're like me, you want to know more about the insecurities of each zodiac sign. Though we all like to put across a confident and comfortable front as often as possible, you have to admit that there are times in your life when you feel a little bit vulnerable. There are lots of different insecurities that a human being can feel, and they don’t always have to make sense in the wider context of your life. Some we develop as children, others we develop as adults, but no matter what they are they can all be equally upsetting if not addressed and tackled. Knowing your own insecurities is a great way to start working on them, so here's all about the insecurities of each zodiac sign.

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You are a perfectionist to the core, so your insecurity will always stem from a fear of not being the best at what you do.



You have a tendency to compare yourself to others all the time, which means that you get insecure about how your status matches up to the status of others.



You have a tendency to zone out sometimes, which leaves you with an insecure feeling that you might be being left out of the loop.



When you are down, your self-worth takes a huge knock, bigger than it deserves, so your insecurity will often come from not feeling like you are good enough for whatever it is that you are doing.



You like to be the life and soul of the party and the centre of attention, so it makes sense that your main insecurities all stem from worrying about your appearance and what others might think of it.



You like to be on top of everything, always, which means that your insecurity will always come from a place where you feel like you are losing control of a situation.



You worry so much about your standing and reputation, that it can actually cause a dent in your standing and reputation! You are sensitive and insecure about being embarrassed in public, which can turn you into an overcautious and withdrawn person.



You feel most insecure when you are in a position that has the potential to expose you. You might not even have anything to be exposed, but that doesn’t stop the feeling of dread from being real.



You are natural free spirit and feel most comfortable when only having to rely on yourself, so it is the idea of commitment that makes you feel most insecure.



More than anything else in life, you don’t want to fail in anything that you might try. Failing is a natural part of life, which means that this insecurity can really get you down.



You are another adventurous spirit who doesn’t like to be tied down, so the idea of extreme intimacy or losing your freedom is what makes you feel most insecure.



You spend too much time thinking about what others think rather than how you think, which leads to a massive insecurity about what the opinions of those around you are.

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