This is Your Zodiac Sign's Super Power ...


This is Your Zodiac Sign's Super Power ...
This is Your Zodiac Sign's Super Power ...

Now listen, let’s get one thing straight, all women are superheroes. Whether you are a superhero business executive or a superhero stay at home mom or a superhero college student working your way to success, we are all amazing in our own individual ways. Go us! But what if you are in possession of one specific superpower amongst your arsenal that is actually determined by the stars? That’s right, we’re talking astrology! This is your zodiac sign’s superpower!

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Your superpower is the power of speed. You can get more done in a day than most people could do in an entire week!



You are blessed with the power of patience. Absolutely nothing can get under your skin because your perspective can go with the flow in an instant. You are virtually unshakeable!



You are basically a human library, once you read or learn a fact, it never leaves your brain. You are a fountain of knowledge to everyone around you.



Your superpower is your ability to know exactly what people need to cheer them up and to take care of them. This natural nurturing instinct means that you would make a perfect mother, or aunty, or godparent!



A typical Leo, you have an immense amount of bravery within you, far more than any other sign. You don’t see the scary side of things, only the side that shows you a pathway to doing what everyone else is nervous to do.



You have the ability to be able to teach. I don’t just mean that you would be good in a classroom environment. You have the right amount of knowledge and patience to be able to explain anything to anyone!



You are an excellent peacekeeper. You can always help people to find a compromise or common ground when there is a disagreement.



You operate on a higher level than anyone else when it comes to winning an argument! Nobody can get anything over on you because you can predict what they are going to set three or four sentences in advance!



You are blessed with the power of memory. It doesn’t matter whether something happened two years ago or twenty years ago. You remember it like it was yesterday!



You have the ideal power of being able to go unnoticed when you need to. Almost like natural camouflage! You can blend in with any crowd as if you had always been there.



You don’t know how you do it, but you can pretty much communicate with anybody without actually speaking to them! Your levels of eye communication are off the charts.



You have the superpower of wisdom. Things that seem to bother other people don’t bother you at all, because you can always see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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