7 Websites to Build Your Confidence and Boost Your Self Love ...

You're a beautiful human being, even though you probably don't realize just how incredible you are. That's why you should visit websites meant to build your confidence. They'll remind you of how valuable you are and boost your happiness within seconds. Here are a few websites meant to build your confidence:

1. Kanye Confidence Generator

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You probably can't stand his cockiness, but hey, at least he's happy with himself. Usatoday30.usatoday.com allows you to read some of Kanye's quotes in the hopes that his confidence will rub off on you. Most of the words will make you laugh, but you'll also end up happier by the end of the process. It's meant to show you that it's not all that hard to think highly of yourself.

2. Body Peace Project

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You've probably read Seventeen Magazine before, because it sends positive messages to young women. Seventeen.com allows you to sign a pledge, promising that you'll treat your body with respect. It encourages you to stop tearing yourself down and even contains articles to help you feel better about yourself.

3. Real Beauty Sketches

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Realbeautysketches.dove.us is a tearjerker. Watch the first video that pops up on the page and the way you think about yourself will be changed forever. It's a powerful video that sends a message that's important for every woman in the world to receive. You're beautiful, and if you don't realize that, the video will make you think differently.

4. Operation Beautiful

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Operationbeautiful.com encourages women to leave post-it notes and other forms of messages around town. All you have to do is write, "you're beautiful" on them. That way, when other women see the message, it'll bring a smile to their faces. Not only will you be making others happier, but you'll make yourself happier in the process.

5. Confidence Quotes

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The right quotes can change your entire mindset. That's why you should check out brainyquote.com. There are tons of quotes about confidence for you to skim through. Plus, you can type in another word or phrase into the search bar if you want to look for something specific. There are hundreds of quotes waiting for you to read them.

6. 35 Simple Ways to Be Beautiful

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Tinybuddha.com has a list of different things you can do in order to feel beautiful. You should know by now that beauty isn't about how you look on the outside. It has more to do with how you feel on the inside and how you treat others. The advice you read here won't be like the stories in fashion magazines. It'll encourage you to be nice, not to dress nice.

7. Who's the Cutest

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Whosthecutest.com is something you just need to see for yourself. Click the link in order to find out who the cutest person around is. You'll love the outcome. Once you see the site, you should send it to all of your friends in order to give their moods a boost. It's a small gesture, but one that they'll be thankful for.

Stop tearing yourself down and start thinking of yourself as the gorgeous woman that you are. There's no sense in wasting your time by criticizing yourself. Once you cut the negativity out of your life, you'll feel a whole lot happier. What's your most beautiful internal and external quality?

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