Be Proud of Yourself for Accomplishing These 7 Things Every Single Day ...


Don't criticize yourself when you have an unproductive day, because there are little things you accomplished throughout the day that you should be proud of. We don't think much about the mundane things we do daily, because they're pretty easy to do, but they're still worthy of appreciation. Here are a few things you should be proud of yourself for accomplishing every single day:

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Be Proud of Yourself for Waking up

It's hard to get out of bed in the morning for numerous reasons. You might be having trouble, because your bed is too comfortable to leave. You might be having trouble, because you're worried about the day ahead of you. You might be having trouble, because you can't think of a reason to get out of bed at all. However, you got out of bed today and you did what you had to do. That takes strength.


Be Proud of Yourself for Taking Care of Your Body

We typically think of eating as a bad thing, which is incredibly unhealthy. You should be proud of yourself for eating today, showering today, and brushing your teeth today. They're all little ways to take care of your body. They don't seem like a big deal, because you do them with ease, but they're incredibly important for your survival.


Be Proud of Yourself for Being Social

It doesn't matter if all you did was answer the telephone or answer a teacher's question in class. You should be proud of yourself for being social, because it's incredibly difficult for some people. If you suffer from anxiety, be proud of yourself for even the smallest amount of social interaction you engage in.


Be Proud of Yourself for Going to School

Most people hate their classes and their jobs. If you're one of those people, give yourself a pat on the back for actually driving there, even though it was the last thing you wanted to do. It proves how responsible you are. You deserve credit for it.


Be Proud of Yourself for Taking Care of Your Pet

It's hard work to keep another living thing healthy. Whether you have a dog, a hamster, or a plant, you should be proud of yourself for keeping it alive. It's way too easy to be negligent.


Be Proud of Yourself for Making Someone Smile

It doesn't matter if you made your baby cousin smile over a toy or your boyfriend smile from a compliment. It doesn't even matter if you were the one to smile at your own joke. Be proud of yourself for being able to create cheer.


Be Proud of Yourself for Surviving Another Day

When you crawl into bed at night, stop worrying about tomorrow and start congratulating yourself on getting through today. Sometimes, it's hard to work up the courage to survive, but you've done it for years now, so be proud of yourself!

Even when you think you spent your day doing nothing worthwhile, you actually accomplished a lot just by surviving. So stop being so hard on yourself and start appreciating all of the little things that you do on a daily basis. Did you accomplish anything else today that you're proud of yourself for doing?

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@ Jessa totally agree with you

All Soo True.. 😊 Love It!! 💯

Yeah, be proud of yourself for breathing, these are just normal every day things, nothing to be proud about!

Such a motivating article! Thank you very much!😊😃❤️


I just got to work and read this on some down time, thank you! Made me feel pretty amazing about myself!😘

I also suffer from depression and am going through a major episode right now. I understand what it's like, not wanting to get out of bed...most mornings I'd rather stay in bed all day instead of getting up. I understand those challenges and empathize totally with them. When you're in a depressed state, the best thing you can do is to get help. I was trying to communicate that, no matter what your challenges are, ultimately its up to you to get the help you need and not use your issues as a long term excuse for not functioning as an adult

So true!

I change the word proud to thankful, i am thankful for be able to get up in the morning, to bring a smile to my child's life, for having a job, for making a difference

This article congratulates people for merely doing their job, and for merely acting in a responsible manner...something our society expects in adults, this attitude is exactly what concerns me about today's youth...they congratulate themselves for merely getting out of bed in the morning? Grow up and put your big girl panties on. Congratulate yourself for downing something that is worthy of meeting a goal, or getting a promotion. Time to grow up, ladies!

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