7 Ways to to Be More Resourceful in Life ...

By Rosalina

7 Ways to to Be More Resourceful in Life ...

One of the qualities that many business people say is essential, is resourcefulness and there are several ways to be more resourceful that I would like to share. We encounter challenges in life all the time but it's how we come up with the solutions that counts. Here are a few ways to become more resourceful in life.

Table of contents:

  1. be a rule bender...or breaker
  2. don't be ashamed to ask for help
  3. think outside the box
  4. don't burn bridges
  5. time
  6. develop independence
  7. skills wise

1 Be a Rule Bender...or Breaker

One of the ways to be resourceful is to bend the rules. You know the saying, rules are there to be broken. They don't necessarily need to be broken but they can be be bent in order to get you closer to meeting your goals. This doesn't mean breaking the law but think about how you might be able to get to where you want to be with a little ingenuity when it comes to the 'rules'.

2 Don't Be Ashamed to Ask for Help

Resourceful people aren't ashamed to ask people for help and know how to make the best of the contacts they have around them. If you're afraid to ask people around you for their help then you might be missing out on opportunities purely for pride's sake. Asking for help doesn't scream weakness or dependence, it shows you're making the best of the resources around you. And if you do a favor for someone, they can repay you. Of course, it can be taken to the extreme so don't depend on others all the time.

3 Think outside the Box

Resourceful people think outside the box and are creative too. They know that things aren't always black and white and there are multiple ways of looking at things. They think in an ingenious and creative way. One of the ways to be more resourceful is to become more creative.

4 Don't Burn Bridges

Ever heard the phrase "Don't burn your bridges"? This is so true. Resourceful people rarely burn their bridges because they know that the world is a very small place and you're only about three handshakes from everyone in the world. This doesn't mean that they're false or obsequious but they know it's important to maintain peace with people, despite what they may have done to them in the past.

5 Time

Resourceful people don't waste their time. They know how to work but they also know the importance of play. All work and no play makes for a tired and less resourceful person! Many people complain that there aren't enough hours in day but that might be due to the fact that they're spending some of the day procrastinating or they're just not using time wisely.

6 Develop Independence

Developing independence is key for a resourceful person. Resourceful people use all of their skills and knowledge to come up with solutions to challenges. Notice that I use the word 'challenge' not 'problem' because it's the way in which we look at the world that affects the way we react to the things that happen. Be confident in the knowledge that you have evrything you need around you to come up with the solution to that challenge you're currently facing.

7 Skills Wise

Resourceful people are aware of the skills they have and the many things they can offer the world. They make a regular audit of the skills they have acquired along the way, whether this is through updating their resume or a reflective journal.

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