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If you're lacking ambition and drive then you might be struggling to meet your goals in life. There are some ways however, to be more ambitious in life and although your ultimate goal might not be to have dinner with the president, being a little more ambitious may give you the motivation you need. Here are some ways to be more ambitious and achieve all your goals in life.

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Find a Role Model

One of the first ways to be more ambitious is to find a role-model. Who inspires you? It might be a singer with a rags to riches tale or anyone who has overcome adversity to get to where they are now. I think it's important to have a role model in life and it can be one of the first ways to become more ambitious.


Read Biographies

Biographies and autobiographies can be incredibly inspirational. It's inspiring to learn about people's backgrounds and there are many great biographies and autobiographies such as Maya Angelou's "I know why the caged bird sings". Also, watching inspirational movies can give you the drive and ambition to find your inspiration in life and achieve those goals.


Goal Setting and Vision Boards

Goal setting is key and if you don't set goals you won't know what you're working towards. Be clear about what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. Also, remember to visualize by making that vision board and putting it where you can see it every day. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve if you visualize and put your mind to something. This is another way to find that drive and motivation in life.


Don't Give up

Quitting isn't an option, at least it's not for the ambitious folk amongst you! Ambitious people don't see problems or obstacles, they see challenges. They don't see rejection, they see redirection and they don't see failure, they see opportunities. It's all about mind-set and the way in which we look at the things that happen to us. One of the ways to be more ambitious is to not think in a negative way and know that everything happens for a reason.


Be More Mindful

I think I write about mindfulness in at least every other article. It's because I whole-heartedly believe in its ability to change lives. I think that if our minds are clear and concentrated on the present rather than the past and the future, we can achieve so much more. Spend at least ten minutes a day sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. You'll be amazed at the benefits. Also, when you're doing something, remember to put your focus and energy on that one thing instead of trying to do several things at once. I know we're told that we need to muti-task but it can sometimes lead to many things being done badly.


Change Your Vocabulary

In order to become more ambitious we may need to change the way in which we talk to ourselves. Being more ambitious requires a certain kind of inner dialogue which doesn't involve words that may limit us. Rather than talking to or about yourself in a negative way, try positive affirmations instead. A couple of great affirmations are: "Each day my focus gets stronger and stronger" and "My level of ambition is increasing on a daily basis." Say them every day and more importantly, believe it.


Enjoy Every Day

Ambitious people enjoy life. They relish every day and see each day as a new opportunity to grow and achieve great things. Enjoy the little wins in life and remember that they're leading you to the big wins.

These are just some of the ways to be more ambitious in life. Can you think of any more ways?

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Thanks so much for this article! I really needed this at this point in my life! :)

Thank you so much for this beautiful article. You have eloquently said what I have been focusing on.

Always hold on to the hope that God has an amazing plan for your life, as long as you trust and obey him :)

Wow very insightful! Going to take this on! Merci!!

This is what I need right now. My head is going wayward these days. I need to remind myself of my goal & get back on track. Thanks Rosalina!

I agree with all of these except #1 you should be your own role model . Have the strength and character to what you want to how you want to, nothing wrong with admiring others but in the end be a better you do you ! :)

Thankyou ! Inspiring

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