7 Ways to Keep Your Life in Order ...


There is always so much to juggle, so it's important to develop habits and ways to keep your life in order. To care for others, you must first care for yourself! Keeping your life running smoothly is typically the first way to care for yourself. It's the perfect timing to commit to order — as we enter the new year! Check out some tried and true tips on ways to keep your life in order.

1. Lists

There are so many ways to keep your life in order, but I usually have to start with a list. List everything you need to do and even want to do, and discover which list style works best for you! I like to use an app on my phone for everything, a To Do list in my email inbox and handwritten lists when running errands. Each list serves a purpose: general ideas and to-do's, wishlists and wants, tasks for work or purchases to make. Make sure to have a way to 'check-off' or 'cross-out' items on your lists — or toss the list completely! It's gratifying!

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