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7 Ways to Be an Interesting Person ...

By Brittany

It’s important to be an interesting person, and there are a lot of ways to be interesting. You want to be interesting for meeting new people, dates, job interviews and your own contentment! Keeping up on what gives you that spark in life is ultimately what makes you interesting. So find yourself and read up on the ways to be interesting - and ways to show it!

1 Do What You Say

One of the first ways to be interesting is to do what you say. It’s so easy to say what thing, but action is what truly shows people what you are capable of doing. If you take the action you say you will, people will respect you and see you as interesting. And, it gives you a lot of talking points to mention that you ran a marathon or recently skydived.

2 Have Hobbies

It’s also easy to be interesting if you have a hobby or two and keep up with them! Find what you love to do--and do it! You may like different things from when you were a kid, and that’s okay! Learn up about your hobbies as well, and you’ll have a lot to talk about.

3 Keep up with the News

Another way to be interesting is to keep up with the news. So much is always going on in the world, and many people do not even know it. Find a few news websites or channels you most enjoy, or get an app or two on your smartphone. Try to remain unbiased about issues at first until you know the entire story and are able to formulate your own opinion. It’s also great to keep up with your industry news for your career.

4 Engage in Culture

Engage in some type of art or entertainment. Attend plays and sports games, go to museums and concerts, or movies and cultural festivals. Culture is what ties people together. With culture, one thing - food, a song or a cheer - can connect you with someone else. It’s a fantastic thought. So amongst all of the malls, bars and parties, don’t forget to check out something cultural as well.

5 Have Background

Knowledge is amazing. If you’re really into something, it’s interesting to others to learn a bit here and there from you. If you’re really into beer making or reading, study up on the types of ingredients or authors and their stories. The internet is full of content! If you know where to go, with a few clicks you can read some great articles that will give you interesting knowledge.

6 Listen to Others

Some of the best stories are retold. Listen to your friends and the people you meet for their stories, or stories that they share. You’ll learn something new! You’ll also be able to pick up on what makes that person interesting to you, which will help you shape your character and become more interesting to others. For me, inspiring people are some of the most interesting. See what you find interesting.

7 Spend Time Alone

Spending time alone is very important for our self-awareness and character. By spending time alone, you’re allowing yourself to engage in your hobbies, learn more and see what your life is really all about. Spending time alone is necessary to find out who you are, and gain true confidence in yourself, your ideas and your ways of living. So carve out some time to spend along. Not everybody likes spending as much time alone each week as others, but you’ll gain so much in even a little amount of time and learn to recharge a bit in your own space.

So scoot your way to becoming even more fabulous! What do you find interesting in others? Do tell!

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