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You all know how to strengthen your bodies with exercise, and even your minds with puzzles and riddles, but how many of you think about the simple ways to strengthen your spirit? It’s important to aim for well rounded health, because each area of your health can influence another. I’ve come up with seven enjoyable and effective ways to strengthen your spirit, and I’d love to share them with you!

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Read a Self Help Book

Self help books contain more than fad diets and tips to get a promotion. Many self help books will help strengthen your spirit if you choose the right book. Head down to your local library and explore the self-help section. Check out any books you find about spiritual wellness and let the experts teach you how to strengthen your spirit.


Write a Memoir

Your spirit is you, essentially, and in order to strengthen it you have to get to know it. When I was younger, my mother and I read The Tale of Despereaux, and in it author Kate DiCamillo wrote, "Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." If you want to illuminate your life and strengthen your spirit, you should tell your story. Do you have a memory that has stuck with you all your life? Or a dream you’ve carried with yourself since childhood? Then you should write about it to get to know yourself better and strengthen your spirit.



If you’ve never volunteered before, I highly recommend it. While you might think it doesn’t make much sense to work without pay, volunteering can benefit your community while helping you become more satisfied with yourself, increasing your humility. Both of these will help strengthen your spirit.


Visit a Museum

Museums have always been among my favorite places. I love seeing what people across history have devoted their lives to, and I find it really inspiring! If you want to strengthen your spirit, wander through a museum and admire the paintings, sculptures, inventions and cultural relics put there to motivate you. Seeing the creativity of others might invoke creativity in you, as well as remind you that you’re part of something much bigger than just your life.



There is a reason why people from so many different cultural backgrounds regard meditation so highly. Meditation allows you to think introspectively and get to know yourself better. After meditating, you’ll become more spiritually aware and feel much more zen. This will allow you to breeze through your day with a strong spirit.


Write a Letter to Yourself

For as long as I can remember, I have been writing letters to my future self, offering wise words and words of encouragement to a version of myself I had never met. I’ve found that doing so helps me strengthen my spirit. If you feel like you’re at a low point in your life and need a tenacious spirit to get through this rough patch, write a letter to yourself venting about all of your problems, and explaining how you plan to move on. Writing to yourself is like talking to a best friend you’ve had all your life, a friend who knows all of your secrets and understands you entirely. That’s why writing to yourself is one easy way to strengthen your spirit.


Go for a Hike

There’s nothing like nature to strengthen your spirit. Mother Nature has a way of reminding you that the world is so much greater than you and that it’s so much greater with you. Also, hiking is a great way to escape any troubles you’re facing and clear your head. So if you’re looking to strengthen your body and spirit at the same time, I suggest going for a hike or nice nature walk.

It’s important to focus on your spiritual wellness, but it’s easy to neglect that crucial part of your health. I hope these methods work as well for you as they have for me, but there’s never just one perfect formula to strengthen your spirit, just like there’s no one perfect formula to lose weight and build muscle. Everyone is different, so how do you strengthen your spirit?

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How about "prayer" good old praying... Just saying..to god or whoever your higher power is...


I'm going to start reading a self book

God is the only answer to everything ...can google john 14 :14 ..

But then I enjoyed reading the 7 ways to strengthen your spirit ..

Prayer is a form of meditation. If you think about it

The Lord will give you rest when you are weary.

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