8 Ways to Love Your Body Everyday ...

By Jacintha

8 Ways to Love Your Body Everyday ...

If there's one thing most of us struggle with, it is self love. Loving yourself and your body for what it is, is not always easy but here are guest contributor Jacintha Webster's tips on how to do just that.

The human body is amazing, beautiful and powerful. But too often we are caught up in a negative body cycle that affects our moods, soul and life. It can be hard to embrace your body's flaws but once you do you will be healthier and so much more happier!

Table of contents:

  1. look at yourself
  2. nourish your body
  3. wear clothes that fit
  4. wear clothes that you feel good in
  5. don’t be negative
  6. touch yourself
  7. listen to compliments
  8. move

1 Look at Yourself

Look at yourself, all of yourself. Drink it in, your curves, your bones your skin. Think of all the good things it does for you. It carries you around, brings you all forms of pleasure and joy and movement. Enjoy yourself and look at the parts you love, not the bits you dislike. Focus on the positive and your love for your body will grow!

2 Nourish Your Body

Eat foods that make you feel good. When your body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs, it will start to feel and look amazing. It’s hard to love a body that feels sluggish and bloated. Put beautiful foods into your body and it will show. And remember, it's okay to treat yourself once in a while. Whether your vice is wine, chips or chocolate keep it as a vice not a staple.

3 Wear Clothes That Fit

If you’ve gained a bit of weight, it can be hard to part with your favourite skinny jeans. But trust me, nothing makes you feel worse than squeezing into and wearing clothes that don’t fit. You will stare at your bulges and hate them. You will constantly be readjusting and feeling uncomfortable. The answer is simple but sometimes daunting. Buy a bigger size. No one will know except you. A bigger size will fit better making you feel slimmer and sexier. But don’t throw your old clothes away just yet. Because as women we change size a lot. We gain and lose weight almost monthly. If you gain weight, focus on the positives, bigger breasts and bum. If you lose weight appreciate your slimmer legs and stomach. Never look at the things you don’t like. You don’t want to spend your life staring at the bad and missing out on the good.

4 Wear Clothes That You Feel Good in

Wear clothes that make you feel good. Don’t reserve your favourite dresses only for special occasions, wear it whenever you like. Wear a sexy nightie all day, wear heels to the movies, and wear your favourite jeans to do the groceries. There are no rules; my only guideline is wear what makes me feel good.

5 Don’t Be Negative

Don’t be negative, don’t be negative, don’t be negative! It can be hard sometimes. A new pimple, jeans too tight, split ends... the list can go on. Appreciate what you love and let go of any bad thoughts.

6 Touch Yourself

Touch yourself, everywhere, all the time, yes even there. This is your body, the only one you will ever have and it deserves your love. Feel your skin, hair and nails. Spend time, hours, days without makeup on and touch your clean face, feel your lips and eyelids. They are so sensitive and precious. Appreciate them. Walk around naked and feel your warm skin.

7 Listen to Compliments

Listen to and accept compliments. Say thank you and smile. Too often when I tell someone I like their curly hair I hear, «I wish it was straight» or when I like someone’s jacket I’m met with «yes it covers my stomach». When did we learn to answer with a negative comment instead of a thank you? Take the compliment. Let it warm you and think of it the next time you don't feel love for yourself.

8 Move

Your body is amazing. It can ride, do yoga, run, have sex, eat, laugh, drink, swim, the list goes on. Our bodies were made to move, so move them. Walk briskly, feel your heart rate rise. Go to a yoga class, watch yourself stretch. Swim... feel the water encase you. Sweat it out and reap the inner and outer rewards. Love how you move and move to what you love.

It can be hard to love your body, but you should, because it is yours and it is amazing.

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