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There are many ways to become more interesting in the eyes of others, if that is your goal. The most important person to please is, of course, You. Follow these easy ways to become more interesting to others, and you may also find you find yourself more fascinating!

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Become a Good Listener

One of the best ways to become more interesting is to become interested in others. Learn what makes them tick, listen to the stories they have to tell, ask them questions about subjects that matter to them. When they feel heard by you, they will find you more interesting to be with. And the more stories you hear of others, the more you can empathize and share with even more people.


Learn Something New

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? In a never-ending loop of going to work, go to the grocery store, going home, and doing it all over again the next day? Then break out of that mold. If you don’t have room in the budget for a new digital camera, go to the library and take out a book on how to use the handheld one you have even better. While you’re there, check out the groups and classes libraries often have at no cost.


Take a Chance

Sometimes you just need to take one giant step out of that comfort mold you’ve set yourself in to feel more interesting. Has it been on your bucket list to paddle board? Spend a freewheeling weekend in Chicago? Swim with dolphins? Then what are you waiting for?? The more you feel interesting to yourself, the more others will see you that way too. Take the chance and reap the rewards.


Get in Better Shape

Whether you are interesting or not is often about the perception of yourself. Doing things to boost your confidence, as well as your energy level will only make you feel that much more comfortable in your own skin. When you work on yourself inside and out, not only do the opinions of others mean less and less, but the opinion of yourself will begin to mean more and more.


Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Perhaps someone close to you has at one time or another told you the words no one should hear…”You’re just not that interesting,” Instead of buying a voodoo doll with their name on it, ask yourself the tough question of why would they say that. Is it because their intent was simply to cause damage to your tender soul, or is it because they chose their words badly? Perhaps what they meant to say is that for every word someone else speaks, you speak five. Or, you bring up the minute details of your work every chance you can get, which is a true buzz kill. Or, you mention your ex in every other story. Go back over the last few conversations you’ve had, and try to honestly and objectively determine if there was a way you could have made the encounter more fun or interesting. Lesson learned, now carry on!


Flap Your Social Butterfly Wings

When you’re feeling down on yourself, it’s sometimes hard to put yourself out there to be with others. But if you are ever to take flight as an intriguing butterfly, practice definitely makes perfect. Join the group for a cocktail after work even if you’re only having club soda. Invite a friend or two to the movies with you this Saturday, and a bite to eat afterwards to chat about it. The more you spread your wings, the higher you will fly!


Become Your Own Best Friend First

Really start to listen to yourself - spend time with you minus the distraction of TV, sports, or music. Think about your journey, all that you have overcome, accomplished and created in your life, Think of a special day in your life, a way you touched someone else positively, did something you never thought you would. Once you have fully embraced the wonder of you, you will never again allow someone else’s words to mean more than your own.

How do you like to remind yourself that you’re worth it? If there was one way you could help someone you know to find the interesting parts of themselves to share, how would you do it?

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