7 Ways to Stop Being Dependent on Others ...


Do you want to know some ways to stop being dependent on others? It is good to recognize that you need to be more independent. You can then take steps toward that goal. These are some steps identified as ways to stop being dependent on others.

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Do Things by Yourself

One of the ways to stop being dependent on others is to start doing things by yourself. You don’t even have to start with the big things. You can start small and gradually build up to more risk things, getting out of your comfort zone . If you usually take someone with you to go to the grocery store, try going by yourself. You can do it.


It’s all about taking baby steps. Maybe it’s learning to cook a simple meal without asking for help, or figuring out how to fix a minor issue at home on your own. The more you practice doing these small tasks independently, the more confident you’ll become. Embrace this newfound self-reliance; the sense of achievement you’ll feel from tackling and conquering these solo ventures will fuel your desire to take on even greater challenges alone. Gradually, you'll see that what once seemed daunting is now within your capability.


List Your Positive Personality Traits

Many times when a person is dependent upon others, it is because they don’t realize how great they actually are. They may ride on someone else’s confidence since they don’t have any of their own. If this is you, realize you have every right to be confident in who you are. List all of the great things about you. Looking at your positive personality traits written down in black and white can give you confidence.


Remind Yourself How Capable You Are

When you start to feel nervous as you are working toward becoming more independent, take a moment and think about this statement. Remind yourself that you are very capable. What you tell yourself you have a tendency to believe. It may take a few times but eventually it will sink in. It can even help to say this as you look at yourself in the mirror.


Take Baby Steps

If you need to grow more independent a little at a time, that is okay. Take baby steps if you need to. If you can’t go to the mall without a friend along, maybe you would be confident enough to just go in one store alone. All of those little steps will make you stronger. Eventually you will be strong enough to take the big steps.


Think of Things You Can Enjoy Alone

There is value in having alone time. There is even more value in knowing how to enjoy that time. Think of some things that you can really enjoy doing alone. This might include watching Netflix in bed, giving yourself a spa day or online shopping without asking a friend's opinion. In time, you may even find that you look forward to when you can have alone time.


Think about Healthy versus Unhealthy Dependence

There is a healthy sort of dependence and an unhealthy sort. It is absolutely okay to need a friend’s support if you are doing something nerve-racking. Reach out when you need that support from a friend. Then there are other times when you really need to be okay on your own, such as going to the gym or for a haircut. It’s okay to have a friend along, especially if they keep you accountable at your workouts but if you feel anxious going alone, that’s not a good thing.


Celebrate Your Steps toward Independence

Thankfully, this is something that you can work on. You can take your time and progress at your own pace. As you do, celebrate the steps that you are taking. Others that are close to you will be proud of you, too. You can become an independent young woman. Al l you have to do is believe in yourself.

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I was dependent on someone for 22 years! I have been on my own for a year and a half now and I love being in compleat control of myself. Thank you great post :))

Good post, thank you.

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