7 Ways to Get Extra Motivation in Your Life, Today! ...


Do you ever find yourself wishing there were ways to get extra motivation? As a freelance writer who works at home, I'm constantly looking for new ways to motivate myself, both personally and professionally - sometimes we all need an extra kick up the butt to get us moving! When it comes to getting and stayed motivated, here are 7 ways to get extra motivation that you can try - try one, or try them all and see which work for you!

1. Have a Healthy Breakfast

This may sound like a way to get energy rather than one of the best ways to get extra motivation, but I find if I have a healthy , protein filled breakfast, I'm more likely to find the motivation I need to get on with my day, rather than feeling tired and sluggish. Everyone is different, but I enjoy eating eggs in the morning as they fill me up and give me loads of energy to make it through until lunchtime.

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