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Certain quotes that offer advice can sometimes sound cliché and be overlooked , but I’m going to share some of the most impacting advice that will change your life. Having a great student mentality by constantly learning and asking for help will get you very far. This compiled list of advice that will change your life should become your daily read and be taken with you everywhere you go.

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Don’t Focus on the Other Runners in the Race

The best advice that will change your life forever is this: do NOT focus on the other runners in the race – look straight ahead. No matter what other people are doing around you, only focus on YOUR goals and YOUR finish line. It is so easy to look at other people’s successes and compare them to our own. Do not fall prey to comparing yourself to others or it will destroy you and keep you from achieving your own goals. This is a lesson I personally have been engraving in my own mind and repeating it to myself every day.


Accept That You’re Not Perfect

This one took me a while to adopt. I have to admit that I was always “that girl” who wanted to be right all the time, who wanted to be perfect all the time. I was always such a perfectionist and it’s exhausting having to be perfect all the time. Put your hand over your heart. If you feel a pulse that means you’re alive and that you’re a human being…the reality is that nobody is perfect. Once you can accept this, I mean truly accept this, you will feel free and it will change your life.


Don’t Quit; Keep Fighting

I can promise you this: you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Whether you consider this quote cliché or not, it’s one of those quotes that shouldn’t be overlooked because it packs a powerful punch. More often than not, those cliché quotes and sayings are the most impactful. They are just overused and have lost their sparkle (just like the words “I love you”) But I want to bring the magic back to some of these quotes! So internalize this one: don’t quit and keep fighting or you will miss all the shots you don’t take.


You Can do Anything You Put Your Mind to

Your mind is a powerful tool. You are stronger than you think. You are stronger than your addiction, you are stronger than the problem you’re facing right now, you are stronger than your anxiety. If you want to change or do something extraordinary in your life, you have the power to do so. All the power is within you: just put your mind to it! Set the intention to turn your life around, release positive energy into the Universe to attract happiness, wealth, and a successful relationship. You can do it!


Have No Regrets

Everything you have done up until today has led you to exactly where you need to be today and has shaped you into who you are today. Do you hear me? You are not a failure; you have not made mistakes, so live without regrets. Feeling bad or sorry for yourself will not help you in the long run. It’s time to accept and love yourself and realize that everything happens for a reason. Do people choose a path that may be off course sometimes? Yes. Do things happen to people that maybe shouldn’t happen? Yes. But you’re here, reading this article and embracing change in your life to better your future. It’s no accident that the Universe brought you here today.


Give More than Receive

The feeling of giving to others and seeing others happy and smiling is the greatest reward in life, more precious and worthy than gold. If you focus on giving more than receiving, you will feel fulfilled and you will feel like you’re living out your true purpose: being the light. No matter where you work or where you go to school, you have the choice every single day to focus and do good or focus and do bad. What path will you follow today?


Follow Your Instincts

Your gut is your best and most accurate compass. Your instincts will never steer you wrong but you know what will steer you wrong? Pride, guilt, and greed. Do not allow any of those three monsters to get in the way of your intuition. How many times has your gut told you yes or no to something but you deliberately disobeyed it? I have been in that boat several times myself. One of the worst feelings is to realize that you knew the answer all along but didn’t pick the right one when you should have. Decide for your own good that you will follow your instincts from now on.

I am coming to you with an open heart, sharing with you the few pieces of advice that I know will change your life because they have transformed mine. This is your year to shine; this is your year to break free of old habits and focus only on the things that will change your life for the good…and we’re all in this together. What piece of advice spoke to you the loudest?

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love this article ☺️ thank you! very inspiring & motivating ✨🙌

One of my own precious little drive is hope. Even if the world turns dark you have the brilliance to light it, all you need is that momentary hope to try. I luv luv this article, its gonna be lame bt I am gonna ask u anyway, pl be my frnd..

Fantastic article... Really comes at a time most needed., thanks

i always read these inspirational articles and say to myself "wow, that's so inspiring! i should really follow that advice." aaaand then i never do a thing. i don't know what it will take, what someone will say, or whatever to make me shape up and be a better me. i'm not happy with some aspects of my life and i do want to change, i guess I just never have had the strength to do anything. however, right now I am going to make a promise. a promise that i intend to keep. a promise I have made time and time again, so i can only hope and try to make this the time that i keep that promise. i promise to try harder in my life, to not give up and give in to temptations around me that cause me to slack off and not be the best i can be. i swear that I will try, and even though i'll mess up sometimes and I won't always get it right I won't give up but keep having strength to move forward in my life instead of backwards.

5 hit home for me. I always need to remember that circumstances are out of my control but not the way I choose to deal with them

Thank you for this very inspiring message. I have recent been through a tough time. With the help and support of very powerful readings from AWS and a few special friends. I am on the up, You are right we have to think positive and believe in ourselves and follow our guts instinct which if followed never leads us wrong. One again heart felt thank you. This was written especially for me for today

Have sent these on to two daughters and asked they pass on to their sons. Have no regrets is so true. Excellent advice worth printing out.

Have no regrets! - Totally touched my heart ❤️ Beautiful and inspiring article. 👏 Thankyou! 😘

Thank u a million

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