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The mind is a powerful weapon; therefore, rather than allowing your thoughts to consume you, overcome limiting beliefs so you can free yourself from mental bondage. Simply put, a belief is a mental notion that we hold to be true. Do you want to know some secrets to overcome limiting beliefs? The healing starts with changing your mind about the way you view things. Here is how to master your life!

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Re-Program the Way You Think

One of the most impacting ways to overcome limiting beliefs is to re-program the way you think. Don’t over think this one, girl! The mind is like a computer: you can add things, delete things, move things around, and favorite things. If you’ve been allowing limiting beliefs such as, “I’m not pretty enough,” or “I’m not good enough,” or “I will never find the right man,” control, alt, and delete all of that! Guess what? You are beautiful. You are worthy. You deserve the most amazing boy in your life who will treat you like the princess you are… create new folders in your brain and believe this.


Stop Identifying Yourself with a Belief

Now that you have re-programmed the way you think, stop identifying yourself with that limiting belief that is whispering lies to you day in and day out. Even if everyone in your life for some reason decided to gang up on you and call you ugly or stupid, only you can control the way you view yourself! It doesn’t matter what others say – their words are just that, words. The moment you decide to STOP identifying yourself with the lies people have made you believe for so long is the moment you will set yourself free.


Celebrate That You Have Time

Procrastination is easy to give in to, isn’t it? But why do you procrastinate? Because, deep down, you have a limiting belief that there isn’t enough time or that if you do invest your time in something you may just fail anyways. Wake up sweetie, this isn’t true at all! You know the quote that says you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take? Great, so make this your new reality and celebrate that you DO have time to take those shots because it’s never too late to dive into something new.


Love and Accept Yourself

The bottom line is that if you are giving limiting beliefs the permission to rule your life, it’s because on a subconscious level you do not truly value or love yourself. You need to become your biggest cheerleader and focus on your wonderful strengths, talents, and beauty. Tell yourself this: even though I’ve been allowing negative thoughts to control me, I choose now to love and accept myself… I love everything about myself.


Repeat Positive Affirmations

Not only should you be repeating mantras to yourself every day such as, “I love myself,” but you should also be repeating positive affirmations such as, “I deserve a loving relationship,” “I surround myself with people who love and appreciate me,” “I am a strong woman,” “I am successful,” and “I am beautiful,” every single hour of every single day. Smile, because you’re worth it!


Do Not Let Fear Control You

Fear is the enemy of your soul. Fear is the root of all limiting beliefs. By feeding into fear you are tapping into all the negativity in the Universe that will ensure you fail every single time. What are you afraid of? Do you have a fear of not having all the right answers? Do you fear making the wrong decision? Try this: change the definition of the word FEAR in your mind. Rather than associating it with a negative limiting belief, re-program your mind to believe the meaning of failure is: a chance for something better to come your way; a learning curve; or a chance to start something new.


Visualize Your New Happy Life

The final step to overcome limiting beliefs and manifest happiness, joy, and a bright future is to visualize your new life. I don’t just mean think about it for a minute and then revert to your old ways of hiding behind “I can’t do it,” or “it’s impossible for me to do it.” Attach the emotion of happiness, joy, and success to an image of you fulfilling a dream, graduating high school and college, excelling in your job… whatever it is!

Ultimately, you are the pilot of your own life. If you want your life to be different, you are the only one can change it. What are you limiting beliefs?

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