7 Ways to Find Gratitude in Your Life ...


Each day offers us a variety of ways to look at the situations that present themselves to us, and ways to find gratitude in them. You were stuck in the elevator and late for work, but did you notice the sweet guy who was stuck in it with you? Your car broke down on the highway, which prevented you from being part of the pileup two miles down the road. You didn’t get the apartment you had wanted, but another one in your ideal neighborhood just became available the day after you found out. Every day, there are ways to find gratitude if we keep our eye on the positive ball.

1. If You’re Happy and You Know It

While it may seem like we often don’t have a choice, we actually do, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Be happy. Believe, that for whatever reason, things are what they are, and they will go one way or another. This is one of the best ways to find gratitude! Why not laugh in the face of your past experiences and say that things will turn out? You know those people who always have a smile on their face and things seem to come up roses for them? It’s not a coincidence.

Appreciate the Little Things
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