Exercises and Activities to Rev up Your Self Esteem ...


Exercises and Activities to Rev up Your Self Esteem ...
Exercises and Activities to Rev up Your Self Esteem ...

Most women don't realize how amazing they are. That's why self-esteem boosting exercises are so important for your mental health. They'll open your eyes, so you can finally see your self-worth. If you only have bad things to say about yourself, here are a few self-esteem boosting exercises and activities that will change your dreary mindset:

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Create an Uplifting Environment

Your environment can impact your emotions. That's why you should redecorate your room in order to make it more appealing. Paint it a calming color, like blue, and then hang up photographs of people and places you love. You should also hang up awards that you've won and inspirational quotes that inspire you. That way, whenever you walk into the room, you'll feel a burst of confidence.


Create a List of Accomplishments

Instead of creating a bucket list of things you want to accomplish, you should create a list of amazing things that you've already accomplished. They can be big things, like graduating from high school, or they can be small things, like getting a compliment from the hottest kid in town. Write down anything that you're proud of, so you can look back on the list and smile.


Speak Positive Affirmations

Most women spend their days thinking negative thoughts about themselves. Well, it's time to change that. But instead of just thinking nice things about yourself, you should say them aloud. The next time you step in front of a mirror, say, "I am beautiful" or "I am valuable." Give yourself as many positive affirmations as you can.


Visualize Success

Visualizing yourself scoring the winning goal or getting asked to prom will make you feel more confident. Plus, when you think about the positive possibilities in your life, the more likely those things are to happen. Nothing bad can come of being optimistic, so fantasize about all of your dreams coming true.


Watch Inspirational Videos

The right words can change your life. If you're feeling self-conscious, sit down and watch a college commencement speech by someone successful. You can even watch an interview from a famous celebrity you love. As long as the video has wise words of wisdom in it, then it should help boost your confidence.


Create a Vision Board

A vision board is meant to remind you of your life goals so you can focus on them better. You can either grab some scissors and magazines, or search for fabulous pictures online. Either way, you should start searching for pictures that depict the type of life that you want to live. Whenever you look at the board, it'll make you happy to think that the job and house on it will be yours some day.


Take Selfies

Some people think that selfies are silly, and others think that they're vain. However, it can actually be healthy to take pictures of yourself. Snap as many shots as you can until you find one that makes you look gorgeous. Even if you add a filter to it or cover part of your face with a text box on SnapChat, seeing yourself in such a beautiful light will make you feel amazing about yourself.

You're a beautiful, intelligent woman and it's time you realize that. If you're having trouble seeing your worth, these exercises should be able to help you. What else always gives you a boost of confidence?

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Louise hay quotes and videos are wonderful

If you get anxious, you can schedule a worry time or day. You can even have a worry journal or box, and you just might find-those worries never came true!

This is good

I will probably do this ☺️

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