This Week's Challenge - a Short Post on Self-Love


This Week's Challenge - a Short Post on Self-Love
This Week's Challenge - a Short Post on Self-Love

And the Winner is .....

Please check it out!
3 qualities every woman has. #selflove

List of current participants: (Great posts ladies! :)

3 things every woman should love about herself are … @Magda - 89 likes

BE YOUR GREATEST ADMIRER!!! #Self Love @Rimi - 17 likes

3 qualities every woman has. #selflove @Coolness54 - 217 likes

#Selflove Becoz you are YOU! @Ddcm - 90 likes

3 Things You Should ❤️ About Yourself! @Bella - 114 likes


Love Yourself, Darling #selflove @Ciara - 177 likes

Being comfortable with Me... @Lori - 157 likes

@XxscemoXx - 89 likes 🎉 first one :)

3 Reasons Why #self-love Is The Key To Becoming Unstoppable! @Jolie - 88 likes

AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE @Gunjan - 141 likes

#Selflove The 3 Things Every Women Should Love About Herself @Emily - 173 likes

Original announcement:

Hello lovies, another Friday - another chance to win an interview with!

This week's challenge is to write an article that start with these words: "3 things every woman should love about herself are …".

You can use any headline you want for your contest entry, as long as you remember to add tag #selflove to the headline.

And here's how it works:

- First, you enter your piece that starts with the phrase "3 things every woman should love about herself are …" through your page at (you need to open an account first, if you do not have one yet).

- Once you hit "publish", please drop a comment here about your post, so that we add it to the list of participating entries.

- Then you need to check this page regularly to track your posts' likes (don't forget to bookmark it) until Monday night.

- On Monday night, the winner will be announced, the entry with most likes wins.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Chief-Editor's Tip: a catchy headline and a bright top photo helps. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for participating, ladies! You gave amazing tips, it's so incredible to see what a talented crowd we have here at AWS. Thank you all again! And the next contest will be announced on Friday, as usual, so please, stay tuned for the next chance to win!

Posted. :D

This is awesome! I love it and just posted mine but everyone might be asleep....anyway, please like it. It's my first post EVER! 😍

I just posted my 3 things I believe a woman should love about herself.

Someone please freaking tell me how to post stuff on this site please!!!!

I have posted my article on 3 things women should love about it n like it ladies

@Crystal my bad! In the app the plus is in the left upper corner on your profile page - click on it to post. Thank you.

Yes,I had a emoji cause I was the first one,that's some sort of achievement

I published mine! Now everyone like it :)

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