How to Use Your Dreams as Motivational Tools for a Successful and Prosperous Future ...


Do you remember your dreams? Dreams can be entertaining, but they can be even more useful than that. You can actually use them as motivational tools to give you inspiration and help you achieve your goals. This is how to use your dreams as motivational tools …

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Write Them down as Soon as You Wake up

Even if you remember your dreams, they don't stick in your mind for too long. Start keeping a dream diary, and noting down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Don't wait until you've showered and had breakfast, as you'll have forgotten what you dreamed about by then - it needs to be done first thing.


Think about How You Felt in Your Dream

Dreams can give us all sorts of clues and inspiration, if we only know how to interpret them. Try to think about how you felt in your dream. How did you feel? What made you feel good? Dreaming about taking a trip that you loved doesn't necessarily mean that you should take a trip,; it could mean that you need to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.


What Was Familiar but Different in Your Dream

Thinking outside the box can be useful as a motivational tool, so consider what was 'different' in your dream. You may have dreamed about familiar things in an unfamiliar context, such as a famous person being your boss, or that your house had been moved to a different country. Use this 'thinking outside the box' to look at new solutions for problems and inspiration.


Before Going to Sleep, Muse on What You Want to Achieve

Dreams can actually give us solutions to problems we want to solve; it's putting our subconscious to work on our behalf. So before you go to sleep, think about any problems you don't know the answer to, or things that you'd like to achieve. The answer could pop up in your dreams!


Interpret Your Dreams - What do They Mean?

Dreams can be amusing because such silly things happen in them, but don't just note down your dreams for their entertainment value. Give some thought to what they actually mean to you personally, rather than what dream books tell you they mean. The clues are there, so try to work out what your subconscious is saying to you.


Expand on Ideas from Your Dreams

If you do something creative, your dream diary can be a source of endless inspiration to you. Every so often, look through your dream diary and see what stands out to you. Take something from your dreams and expand on it, and turn it into something new. There's so much amazing material there - and it's all yours!


Appreciate Your Imagination

You might not think that you're very imaginative or creative, but that's because we only use a small part of our brain for conscious thought. Appreciate your imagination and examine it more closely than you normally would. It's capable of coming up with new stories every single night!

Once you've kept a dream diary for a while, you'll have a substantial amount of inspiration to work with. And there's more to come! So read your own thoughts, muse on them, and find a way to use them in your waking life.

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But my dreams are hideous. My imagination is wild, I'm sure that my imagination is the root cause to my sporadic dreams. I will struggle to find the ultimate message, asides the fact that i might need to see a therapist.

What if the dream is just really creepy.

I am doing this more than 3 years already and I can tell you that it works. I just woke up 5 minutes ago, first thing I did was writing dream diary (in notes on my iphone) and then I checked allwomenstalk. You should definitely try it!

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