4 Ways to Crush Self Doubt and Be a Rockstar ...


4 Ways to Crush Self Doubt and Be a Rockstar ...
4 Ways to Crush Self Doubt and Be a Rockstar ...

Don’t you often find that out of everyone in the world who you think might be against you, the one person who has the biggest power to stop you in your tracks is yourself? Self-doubt can be a really debilitating emotion, tricking you into thinking that you can’t achieve something even when everyone on the outside is telling you that you can. It might seem in the moment that you are never going to be able to change your mindset, but trust me, it is something that you can overcome! Here are four ways to crush self-doubt!

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Self Realisation

What you need to work on is realizing that your self-doubt doesn’t define who you are as a person or what you are capable of. It is just a sign that you have yet to really dig deep and discover what your true potential might be. Just imagine if all of the greatest minds in the world had given up when they didn’t think they could do something; we wouldn’t have any of the planet’s greatest inventions!


Embrace Growth

Nobody in the world is born the complete package. It takes us all a lot of hard work to get to where we want to be, both physically and emotionally. Rather than seeing your self-doubt as a stopping point in your journey, instead embrace it as a sign of growth, that you have progressed to a new point that you might be unsure of, but that ultimately you will smash through just like everything else before it.


Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is that feeling of thinking that you are undeserving of your current position, of feeling like you don’t deserve to be at the level you currently are, but here’s the thing, nobody get’s things for free in this world so that means that you absolutely deserve to be where you are. No matter what that stupid imposter syndrome is telling you, you 100% have earned your place.



The best thing to do is just throw yourself in to action, jump in to the deep end of the thing that is causing your self doubt, and you will soon see that your conviction to swim is much stronger than your conviction to sink! It is often thinking about something that is so much worse than actually putting your head down and doing it.

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