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Changing for Your Season in Life ...

By Christopher

When the weather changes, we all change. If it’s raining, we grab an umbrella. If it’s snowing, we put on a hat and gloves. Ninety-degree heat? We put on shorts. If it’s past Labor Day, you guessed it ladies, you stop wearing white.

So yes, when seasons change, we all change. But what about when a season in life changes? What about when you get older? Do you still go to the club with a mini-skirt? Do you off and quit a job, jeopardizing your retirement? Do you get high, and have wild sex in the parking lot? Of course not, seasons change and people do too.

What if you find yourself increasing in size? I mean you have put on a “few pounds.” Do you still dress the same? Do you still eat the same? Should you start exercising? Do you risk a thong? When you need change, are you willing to make it? I’m talking about being healthy, not being fabulous!

Just the other day, my wife and I were dropping off our daughter, and I looked at my wife’s butt. No, I wasn’t trying to get some, I noticed what I thought was some kinda new jean design. Actually, her pants had split from the top of her buttocks to the bottom, literally! She walked right into a place of business, before heeding my warnings! She was mortified! It ripped right down the crack! Now, I wasn’t saying she was getting too big… I was simply suggesting that her pants might have been a little too small lol. I told her next time she turns into the Hulk, make sure she is wearing yoga pants!

Yeah, my body situation has changed too. We both have to make adjustments, or else. It isn’t just shapes and sizes that need changes during times of change. Sometimes, it may be your financial situation that is becoming a problem. For example, you may have lost your job. If so, you can’t keep spending money on things you don’t need like an eight-dollar cup of coffee. Ok, maybe you do need that, but you understand my point.

Maybe you need to go back to school? Employers are demanding more job skills, training and experience these days. Can you still compete? What changes do you need to make, to make that extra buck or two?

Maybe you are working but you don’t have benefits? I remember one of my co-workers back in the day did not have medical. He actually refrained from playing basketball and sports with the rest of us, because he couldn’t cover any injuries. He took it seriously, and rightfully so. His situation demanded that he change.

What if you suddenly have a disability? What if you get sick? What if the economy goes sour? When the facts are in, you have to adjust. Maybe, you aren’t as cute as you used to be? I know I’m not lol! What changes does that entail when dealing with the opposite sex? Thank God, I’m still married at this point, ripped butt jeans and all!

When the facts are in, you gotta make change. Nothing or no one stays the same except God. We have to use common sense, and we have to be honest with ourselves, and adapt. Sometimes if you can’t change yourself or a situation, you just have to find ways to manage it. Change will come. Sometimes it is big and overwhelming, like having kids. Sometimes small, like downsizing your phone plan? You talk about adjustment!

Maybe you lost your status? I remember God once told me, “When someone enters poverty quickly, they know they are in poverty. But, when someone enters poverty slowly, they buy fresh flowers and buy nice suits.”

Now, I’m not hearing voices or nothing, but that saying is true. Sometimes seasons change so slowly, we don’t know we need to change. Status in all areas, is a big deal to a lot of people. But whoa when it changes! Are you gonna change when your season changes?

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