Outstanding πŸ‘πŸΌ Ways to Change Your Life πŸ”„ when You're Tired 😴 Trying ...

Life can be exhausting. When things haven’t been good for a while, or all your plans go awry or you’ve lost motivation, or you just don’t know how to change things up anymore (you get the picture- right?) finding the impetus to keep trying to improve your life is no easy matter. You know no one is going to hand you what you want on a plate so here’s how to overcome those obstacles and get to work on changing things:

1. Go to Bed Early at Night

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This is not β€œnone” advice. This is not a throwaway tip that is casually thrown on every motivational article. The importance of getting enough sleep is massively underestimated, but it is a cornerstone of human survival. The biggest problem, and the reason why so many people underestimate the negative effect of a poor sleep cycle, is because having no sleep is deceptively harmful. Most people that are tired will still feel fine, they still think they are making good decisions, and they may still have plenty of energy. Not getting to bed early and having a good eight hours sleep has a very negative cumulative and long-term effect that leads to poor decision-making skills in the short term and poor health in the long term.

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