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Memorable Ways to Open Your Mind and Take on the World ...

By Neecey

When you’re stuck in a rut or bored with your life it’s easy to believe there are many obstacles preventing you seeing light at the end of the tunnel. There is however motivation around you and opportunities to be seized. You need to open your mind and then you can take on the world.

1 Challenge Your Beliefs

Challenge Your Beliefs Come out of your comfort zone by challenging your beliefs and opening your mind to different points of view.

2 Challenge Your Ideas

Challenge Your Ideas Accept that just because you do things a certain way, it is not the only way. The more ideas you are open to, the freer you will be.

3 Vision Session

Vision Session Have a vision session and explore your creativity by writing in a journal or drawing a sketch.

4 Find the Opportunity

Find the Opportunity Try to find opportunities out of tough situations in order to avoid suffering from a victim mentality.

5 Shed Something

Shed Something Remove something in your life that does not serve a purpose to you, whether it’s a bad friend or a bad job.

6 Commit

Commit Commit to achieving a task or goal that you, until this point, have always failed to meet.

7 Adjust Your Focus

Adjust Your Focus Instead of thinking about things that you don’t want, be more positive by thinking about things that you do want.

8 Positivity

Positivity Force yourself to be an eternal optimist, always focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

9 Break Bad Habits

Break Bad Habits Identify your worst habits and make a big effort to break them; from smoking to picking your nails to maybe something bigger.

10 Forgive

Forgive Try to forgive any people who you might have been holding a grudge against for a period of time.

11 Walk to Work

Walk to Work If you are close enough, get out of the car or the bus and connect with outside world by walking to work.

12 Strike Conversation

Strike Conversation Try to talk to people more, strike up a conversation while in line for something; you might make a new friend.

13 Connect

Connect Make connections with people you pass on the street, even just a little nod or smile in their direction has meaning.

14 New Skill

New Skill Learn a new skill, like playing the piano or taking up knitting. New hobbies are rewarding.

15 Say Yes

Say Yes Saying no can often be an automatic reaction to the unknown. Branch out by saying yes more.

16 Walking Lunch

Walking Lunch Get out of the office and treat yourself to walking lunch. It can brighten up your day and give you a change of scenery.

17 Volunteer

Volunteer Gain a huge sense of self worth by doing some local volunteering at an animal shelter or a charity.

18 Not Too Late

Not Too Late Start that one thing that you have always thought it was too late to start. The only thing holding you back is you!

19 Urban Foraging

Urban Foraging You can really connect to the planet by indulging in a spot of urban foraging for fruits and vegetables.

20 Join a New Club

Join a New Club Join a club and connect with like-minded people, whether it is a choir or a surfing group!

21 Offer Help

Offer Help If you see an elderly person struggling in the road, make sure to help them across. Whatever it is - do a good deed for the day.

22 Carpool

Carpool Do your bit for the environment by carpooling to work with colleague instead of making separate journeys.

23 Pay a Compliment

Pay a Compliment Pay a compliment to a friend or colleague, even a stranger! It feels good to make somebody else feel happy.

24 Take Pictures

Take Pictures Taking photographs can help to both preserve a memory and open your eyes up to the beauty of the world around you.

25 Embrace Alone Time

Embrace Alone Time Sometimes it’s great to get away from all the noise of friends and family and have some quiet time to yourself.

26 Bring Sharing Food to Work

Bring Sharing Food to Work Brighten up everyone’s day by turning up with a tin full of delicious cookies; they’ll love you forever!

27 Early Alarm

Early Alarm Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier. This will give you time to stir more naturally and not have to jump out of bed.

28 Twitter

Twitter Use Twitter to connect to parts of the world that are out of your physical reach. You can learn different opinions and cultures just with your phone.

29 Start a Blog

Start a Blog Express your creativity by starting a blog, either to document daily occurrences or dedicated to something in particular.

30 Airbnb

Airbnb If you have spare room, put it up on Airbnb. You will make a little extra cash and be able to meet different people from different places.

31 Put Your Ideas out There

Put Your Ideas out There Stop holding back. Your contributions are as valuable as anyone else’s. Don't let fear of rejection stifle you.

32 Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor Having someone to talk to can make things clearer and bring greater self-understanding.

The only thing keeping you in the rut is you. Look and you will find a way out. Open your mind, be brave and take that chance.

Are you ready to take on the world?

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