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Inspiring Tips to Turn Your Pain into a Lesson on Growing ...

By Neecey

No one wants to suffer pain but there is no escaping it. Life is full of heartaches. From the relatively minor disappointment of not getting the promotion at work to the death of a loved one, pain tests your emotions and resolve every time. But you can turn pain into something that, while not a positive feeling, is a positive force in your life. You can gain from pain:

1 Observe

One of the ways you can make pain work for you is to, rather than letting your mind take you directly to a different plan, actually observe the event that has caused you pain and try to direct your emotion in a healthy, non hysterical way. This can work for both physical and emotional pain, as the more calmly you are able to digest your pain, the less likely you are to do something bad or react in an overly negative manner.

2 Ask for Help

One of the worst things you can do when feeling pain is to internalize is and pretend that everything is normal. Pain can be much like a secret in the sense that once you have told somebody, it no longer holds the power that it did when only you knew about it. If you are suffering from a bout of emotional pain, do not hesitate to reach out to a friend or close family member to try to help you through the process; somebody will always be willing to help.


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3 Learn from Mistakes

Though experiencing pain can be a very debilitating thing to have to go through in the present, you can always turn it in to a positive by making sure that you learn from your mistakes. By vowing not to let history repeat itself and striving to make changes to that effect, you are making sure that your pain wasn’t for nothing and in the week, months or years to come, you will be able to look back on that painful time and say that it actually helped you to become a better and happier person.

4 Give It Meaning

Sometimes, pain can be a lot easier to digest and accept when you assign a tangible meaning to the way that you are feeling. If you can pinpoint a reason for your pain, then it is a lot easier to be proactive in your attempts to become a happier individual. It is the people who can find no logical reason for their pain that find it harder to overcome it.

5 Motivation

Rather than wallowing in your own sadness, you should treat the pain you are experiencing as a motivational factor in striving to better your current situation. Much like learning from your mistakes, treating your pain as a catalyst to improve your life means that you will be able to look back at it with feelings of triumph rather than feelings of depression.

6 Persevere

You should never subscribe to the belief that pain is only a short term thing, because if you find that you are experiencing it for longer than expected, it will only compound your misery and make you think that you're a failure for not being able to move on. There is no time limit on pain, and getting over it takes a lot of personal perseverance and faith in coming out on the other side.

7 Confidence

Pain and suffering are inevitable are some time or another in all of our lives, and the trick to gaining something from the experience is in having the confidence that at one point or another you are going to start feeling much better and eventually will be back to normal. It may last a while, but be confident that pain is only ever temporary.

Look inside yourself to find the strength and win through.

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