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Outstanding Ways to Change Your Life when You're Tired Trying ...

By Neecey

Life can be exhausting. When things haven’t been good for a while, or all your plans go awry or you’ve lost motivation, or you just don’t know how to change things up anymore (you get the picture- right?) finding the impetus to keep trying to improve your life is no easy matter. You know no one is going to hand you what you want on a plate so here’s how to overcome those obstacles and get to work on changing things:

1 Go to Bed Early at Night

cartoon, anime, comics, illustration, fictional character, This is not “none” advice. This is not a throwaway tip that is casually thrown on every motivational article. The importance of getting enough sleep is massively underestimated, but it is a cornerstone of human survival. The biggest problem, and the reason why so many people underestimate the negative effect of a poor sleep cycle, is because having no sleep is deceptively harmful. Most people that are tired will still feel fine, they still think they are making good decisions, and they may still have plenty of energy. Not getting to bed early and having a good eight hours sleep has a very negative cumulative and long-term effect that leads to poor decision-making skills in the short term and poor health in the long term.

2 Teach Yourself the Value of Setting Goals

screenshot, speech, Life, like, this..., Life is not a swinging Disney sing-along. It is boring and cruel. It is full of mind-numbing monotony and a lot of pointlessness. The weight of just how meaningless life really is will eventually start to wear you down. One way to fight it is to learn the “value” of setting goals and then achieving them. Even small goals feel like achievements if you hit them. The effect is magical and life affirming. The harder the goal, then the bigger the feeling of achievement when you get there, but first you need to get into the habit of achieving your goals--which is why you have to start small so you may learn the value of goal setting and winning.

3 Avoid Negative People at Any Cost

hair, human hair color, face, blond, black hair, Boy oh Boy! You have no idea just how much damage negative people do. A negative person can poison a team. They are able to suck all of the enthusiasm out of an idea and leave it naked and cold on the floor. There is some really great advice in the book, “Happiness Is a Serious Problem” and there are some fantastic examples of how negative people can crush your spirit and ruin your life. The author, Dennis Prager, also has some good advice on goal setting and treating your small victories like big ones (because why not!).

4 Start Taking the Blame for Your Successes

mode of transport, automotive exterior, driving, official, police, Be an adult and take the credit for the things that are wrong in your life. If you do not have a job, if you have too many kids, too much ass fat and a horrible boyfriend, then it is your fault and you are to blame. On the other hand, if you are working, learning, exercising, eating right, sleeping right, and saving money, then take the blame for your success. If good things happen to you, maybe it is your fault, and maybe it is time to start taking credit for it.

5 Eat and Drink Correctly

mouth, screenshot, sense, Overeating and drinking too often will make you unhealthy, and it has horrible psychological effects. Do not deny yourself fatty foods, and do not deny yourself a drink, just do not make a habit of it. That is all it takes. You do not have to avoid these things, just do not make them more than a weekly occurrence. The health benefits are boring, but if you don’t try then you will never know.

6 De-clutter Your House and Your Life

room, public space, boutique, bazaar, market, The effect of clutter around your house and your life is outright terrible, but the feeling you get from de-cluttering is magical, and yet you cannot appreciate it until you try it. It is the same with healthy eating and drinking, it is one of those things where you do not truly understand what you are missing until you try it. De-clutter your life by removing things from it that are not beneficial to you. Hire a cleaner, pay a babysitter for days when you are at home so they can handle the kids while you watch re-runs of CSI Miami. Give away the clothes you don’t wear anymore because you have put on too much weight, and store some of your flatware away instead of using and washing 17 forks at a time.

7 Write a Diary Only about Good Things

screenshot, Start a diary where you only write the positive things that happened in your day. If you struggle to write at least seven positive things per week, then you need to make big changes to either your life or your attitude. Start praying. Yeah, you read that correctly. Start praying to whomever you like, Buddha, Christ, Ganesh, Brad Pitt, or whoever. But, when you pray, do not ask for anything, simply give thanks for the things you have. Give thanks for your health, your job, your family, your house, your country, and whatever else you are happy to have in your life.

8 EXercise RegulaRly

human action, sports, physical fitness, arm, yoga, Staying hydrated and exercising regularly are key to success. Without burning yourself out trying to change things, you need to be sure you're in top physical and mental shape. Exercise decreases stress, gives you energy, and releases endorphins causing happiness. These all have positive effects on your life.

9 Start Saving

finger, cash, nail, arm, hand, We all get to the point we're exhausted of working and not having anything to show for it. Pay off your debts and start a savings account. You'll be happy to see the savings grow and when you're ready you can use it for something truly valuable like a vacation or retirement or even a house. You'll be happier knowing your future is being set up for yourself by yourself.

10 Learn a New Skill

music, plucked string instruments, guitar, singing, Bring more excitement to your life by learning something new. Whether it's speaking a new language, learning to play an instrument, taking cooking classes, whatever it may be, do something to bring joy to your life and ignite your spark of creativity so you can take it to other aspects of your life you're unhappy with.

I hope these things will help you rediscover your positive mental attitude.

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