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4 Fabulous Ways to Be Your Most Authentic Self ...

By Levita

Are you looking for ways to be your most authentic self?

In this day and age, it gets difficult to be able to express your feelings without feeling judged or criticized by others. However, if you want to gain self confidence and feel totally empowered and free in your skin, follow these 5 ways to be your most authentic self today!

1 Get in Touch with Your Emotions in the Moment

Whatever you may be feeling, whether that be anger, frustration, sadness, pain, joy or happiness, get in tune with those root emotions so you can then fully assess how you feel. Journal your emotions so you can physically and visually connect to them. This builds inner awareness and strengthens the internal communication within your mind, body, and spirit and is one of the best ways to be your most authentic self.

2 Find an Outlet for Fully Expressing Yourself

Once you begin living a life with honesty, you will feel lighter. Expressing yourself is part of that all encompassing life experience. Dance, paint, sing a song, and go to yoga - anything that channels release of stagnated energy.

3 Talk It out

Find a friend, a mentor, or a family member who can stand by your authenticity without judging you. This will build up your character once you begin expressing and communicating your true feelings to someone in the physical sense. It also creates social bonding and increases self-esteem.

4 Empower Others

One you have become stabilized in your true and authentic self, help others come out of their shell as well. Create girl's or guy's night out and encourage gatherings at positive events around your city that are able to teach you more about self-love and whatever interest you may personally have.

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