7 Incredible Ways to Turn Your Dreams into Reality ...


We all have dreams but a few of us manage to convert those dreams in to reality. Follow guest contributor, Jenae's tips and maybe you'll be well on your way to achieving your dreams as well!

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Write It down

There is power in writing your goals down. Not only are your immortalizing your dreams but when you write them down you are making a commitment. Make a list of things that need to happen to achieve your dream and put a plan of action together on paper. Or your bathroom mirror.


Set a Time Limit

This is all about Parkinson's Law. Basically a task will swell in size relative to perceived time available to complete it. If you give yourself one week to clean your closet, it will take one week. Miraculously, if you allow yourself one day, the closet gets cleaned in a day. Do yourself a favor and set a deadline. Not only will this force you to get your bum in gear, but you will become more focused with an end point in sight.


Define Success

This may seem obvious if your dream is cut and dry such as "I want to own a home" but if your dream is a little more obscure, "I want to be a singer", you'll need to define what "being a singer" means. Are you officially a singer if you record a song? Book a paid gig? Only you can decide.


Give Yourself a Prize for Achievement

Nothing like a little carrot dangling to keep you going when times are tough. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will give you something to look forward to upon completion. And something to celebrate.



Find a mentor or goal cheerleader! Not only will you benefit from the positive reinforcement, but knowing you have someone to answer to if you're caught slacking can keep you in line. An added bonus if your mentor or goal cheerleader has achieved whatever it is you're working toward. Their advice can be invaluable.


Think outside the Box

There's more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one road to your dream. Is your dream to live in Paris but you can't afford to? Discuss a remote work arrangement with your employer or look into job opportunities that have an option to telecommute. Be creative in getting to your goal.


Don't Give up

Don't give up! You have to keep going. Things won't always be easy and at times you will wonder why you made this commitment to yourself, but there is a price that must be paid and a barrier to anything that is worth having. Just keep digging.

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Love number #3

Make a goal wall and find small achievements to get to your bigger one!!

This is so wonderful! Love love love it. Going to look over this more often

Best of luck to you all :-)

Wow this is inspiring. :) I am gonna start applying this to achieve my dreams!

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