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To find the ways to live each day intentionally, you first have to know what that means. Intentionality is doing things on purpose WITH purpose! In life, it means you get up with a certain vision and focus on that throughout the day, which impacts each and every decision you make. To live on purpose is to fully live! Here are 7 ways to live each day intentionally. It truly makes a difference!

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One of the most essential ways to live each day with intention, is to know your purpose in life. Each person has a unique calling and set of gifts required for that calling. As humans we have to find our purpose in life in order to be successful and fulfilled. Find your purpose, and you'll find the reason to get up each day and live with intention!



Along with your purpose, set goals you want to achieve that day, month or even year! Focusing on a goal in front of you makes you more capable of orienting your decisions around that goal and being intentional in your daily life. Ask yourself, "Is this choice going to help me or harm me?"



Only you can change your mood! People can encourage and support you, but at the end of the day it's you who has to choose to be happy and vibrant. Most of the things we allow to alter our mood are mundane anyway. Breeze past those things that irritate or bring us down, and focus instead on your life, your loved ones, your goals and purpose and with that, be intentional about your mood and attitude!



Another important aspect of living intentionally is finding balance in your life and being well-rounded. It's essential to work hard, play hard and rest well. Work drives your purpose while play fuels your spirit! And knowing the importance of resting well is vital. Resting well means first tiring out the body, but in a good way!



You need to manage your time to live intentionally! Productivity only happens when you manage how you spend your time. And what you spend your time on is a good indicator of where your priorities and heart are. It's good to evaluate yourself on occasion to see if your daily habits are productive or destructive for achieving your life goals and purpose, or simply if they're a time-waster or not.


Diet and Exercise

For me, diet and exercise are a lifelong goal. To maintain a healthy life is very important to me. I also believe that every individual is at their best when they are eating right and exercising regularly. It not only keeps extra weight off, but it improves mood, reduces risks of disease, and clears the mind! To focus on your vision/purpose, it's essential to have a healthy body and mind for all current and future plans.


Removing Obstacles

And finally, the last essential way to live intentionally is to remove any negative obstacles that might be in your way! Whatever the distractions may be - a bad relationship, junk food, too much TV, negative thoughts - get rid of them! Focus only on the good, like your friends and family and your purpose in life.

It's a process to learn how to be intentional in how you live. It's human nature to feed into self-deprecation and forget why you're living and loving life. And some days it IS hard to get out of bed! Just remember to live on purpose and people around you will know there's something different about you- something worth mimicking. Would any of you ladies love to share your ways to live each day with purpose? What has helped you find your passion in life?

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Having a baby has helped me find my purpose in life. I now know why I am here. Even with the mundane house chores, I find beauty & happiness in accomplishing these tasks. It's so amazing, I feel so much more alive.

Perfect! And this comes at just the right moment for me too...I don't know if it is intentional, but these 7 steps follow in perfect order...managing time is just as important as managing money, only time is far more precious and valuable because you only have a limited amount of it

i reli enjoy reading these!!

Loved this article. Came at the right time. LOVED IT!!

Amazing and inspirational!

Feel-good article. Thank you.

Amazing thank you!

Love this. I have never heard of living life intentionally. What a concept! Easier said than done for me. I still don't know what my life's purpose is and it's a little discouraging. But being thankful every day and living in the moment always help me feel better

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