9 Little Ways to Feel Happier during the Week ...


9 Little Ways to Feel Happier during the Week ...
9 Little Ways to Feel Happier during the Week ...

It happens to all of us, sometimes you hit a rough patch and need to find little ways to feel happier until you get through it. Maybe an event happened in your life that upset you, or perhaps you feel that your weekly routine is lacking in some way. Whatever it is, you don't have to stay miserable until something finally happens to cheer you up! Instead, try these little ways to feel happier during the week to help get you back on track!

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Subscribe to a Daily Laugh

One of the simplest little ways to feel happier during the week is to subscribe to something that will supply you with daily content that makes you smile. Subscribe to a YouTuber who cracks you up or a blog that posts cute animal pictures. When we laugh, blood flow increases, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to our organs and tissues, and stress hormones decrease.


Paint Your Nails

I don't know about you ladies but I feel a heck of a lot better when I look down at my hands and see that they are perfectly polished. Somehow they make me feel prettier, and when you feel prettier, you feel happier. Take some time out each week to either make a manicure appointment or to relax at home and do it yourself if you want to save some money. It will also force you to relax for a little bit in the midst of a crazy week!


Stop Talking/Thinking about Your Exes

There's nothing that can put me in a more stressed out mood than talking or thinking about an ex, whether it's coming across their Facebook page and exploring it a bit, or venting to your friends about them. Usually thoughts of your exes tie to stress, depression, or anger, and we want to stay away from those feelings! Your exes are your exes for a reason so do your best to stay away from Facebook pages or conversations that lead to them!


Compliment Someone

It may sound cliche but I feel really happy whenever I compliment someone else. I aim to compliment someone new at least once a week. Not only will you come off as being a nice person, you will also feel really good about making someone else smile that day. Plus it leaves you more open to getting compliments yourself, which will also help you feel happier.


Animal Therapy

Whether it's your own pet, your friend's pet, or an animal you find in the park, focus on them at least once a day. Find time to play with your dog or car, offer to walk your friend's dog, or sit on a park bench to watch squirrels. It's really amazing how animals can lift our spirits by just being themselves. Even if I have a bad day, my frown fades the second I get home and find my dog so excited to see me that his wagging tail shakes his entire body.



Any form of exercise can always leave you feeling better, but if you can, avoid the gym! Going from an office or class back inside under fluorescent lighting won't do much to improve your mood. Instead, go for a brisk walk around your block or with your dog. Getting some fresh air will always do you good!


Start a Journal

Sometimes writing out your problems releases some of the negative energy associated with them. So start a journal either online or in a notebook. It can either be a journal where you write about your daily thoughts and activities, or it can be an inspiration journal where you write about everything you love or did well that day. It's always good to have something to back to and read when you need a pick-me-up and trust me, writing out your worries usually helps!


Get Organized

A stack of papers, a dirty kitchen sink, or an unmade bed can all contribute to stress. Take a few minutes to reorganize your home, starting with making your bed in the morning! It's a happier feeling to know that you will be coming back to a clean and organized home rather than a dirty and messy one!


Fresh Flowers

Certain smells can really change your mood and it’s hard to feel angry or upset with a nose full of beautiful flowers! If you have some extra cash (or a garden nearby), bring some fresh flowers into your home! Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also have a nice aroma that can make you feel happy all over!

I know that long weekly schedules can be a lot to handle sometimes, but if you do a few of these things each day, you will get through it in a much better mood! Try to smile as much as you can and remember to make the best of your day. If you actively seek to be happy instead of just embracing misery, there won't be much to stop you from being happier! What do you do during the week to make you feel happier?

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@Sam "Stalking" your ex on Facebook won't make you happy.. "Exploring" someone you just started dating is healthier :-)

I've been writing in journals for nearly 10 years and still going, my mind gets so full sometimes and writing stuff down makes me sleep better at night :)

Hahaha I like "exploring" your exes facebook page better than "stalking"

Animal Therapy says, "'make time to play with your dog or car" hehe But that is the best therapy playing with my cat and dog!!

I usually buy something for my room, makes me feel better (like flowers)

Make jokes with those you can joke with! ..today I had a serious face when listening, until I looked up and burst out laughing and almost cried lol! Laughter is defo the best cure for a crap moment!

The nail polish advice is so true!

This is nice! I usually go out for drinks during the week which leads to thinking and talking about exes. These tips are much nicer

better at night :)

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