7 Things Women Should Take More Pride in to Be Happier ...


There are a million amazing things about you, whether you realize it or not. Instead of zoning in on your insecurities and worrying about them until you can't take it anymore, you should pay more attention to the great things about you. Reconfigure your brain until it's a positive place instead of a negative one. Here are a few things women should take more pride in to be happier:

1. Her Creativity

Maybe you're an artist and have a room full of gorgeous paintings. Maybe you're great at decorating and have a house to die for. Maybe you can take any old shirt and use it to create an amazing outfit. It doesn't matter how your creative abilities are shown, as long as you flaunt them as often as you can. You're more talented than you know, so stop being so modest. There's nothing wrong with showing off your handiwork.

Her Femininity
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