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41 Things Every Girl Should do at Least Once in Her Life ...

By Jennifer

If you haven't made your bucket list yet — you know, the list of things you absolutely must do sometime in your life — then now's the perfect time to do it, and I can help! Here are 41 things every girl should do at least once... and some of them, as often as you can!

1 Swim in the Ocean

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2 Hike in the Mountains

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3 Sleep under the Stars

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4 Try a Tattoo (even a Temporary One)


5 Fall Head over Heels in Love


6 Run a Race

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7 Adopt a Pet Who Needs You

dog,mammal,vertebrate,siberian husky,nose,Via

8 Plant a Garden


9 Create Music

nature,photography,water,macro photography,close up,Via

10 Knit Something


11 Travel, Alone

sky,sea,body of water,ocean,vacation,Via

12 Travel, with Someone

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13 Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon,hot air ballooning,vehicle,aircraft,balloon,Via

14 Take a Train Trip


15 Take a Road Trip!

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16 Learn Another Language

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17 Learn to Surf

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18 Get Lost in a Big City


19 See the Northern Lights

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20 Visit Another Continent

jungle,horse like mammal,flower,rainforest,Via

22 Volunteer

human action,person,man,child,toddler,Via

23 Have a Snowball Fight


24 Throw Someone a Surprise Party


25 Cut Your Hair Short

hair,human hair color,color,face,red,Via

26 Get a Pro Makeover


27 Wear a Daring Bikini


28 Enter a Talent Contest


29 Fly a Kite

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30 Fly First-Class

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31 Attend a Summer Music Festival


32 See a Volcano

mountainous landforms,geographical feature,grassland,ecosystem,natural environment,Via

33 See a Waterfall

water,swimming pool,sea,--us,Via

34 Celebrate a New Holiday

watercolor paint,painting,illustration,Via

35 Dance All Night

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36 Dress for a Costume Party


37 Ride a Roller Coaster

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38 Paint a Picture

album cover,portrait,Via

39 Audition for a Play or TV Show


40 Skinny Dip

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41 Drive a Convertible with the Top down

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Is there anything you'd add to my list?

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