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8 Ways You Can Become a Strong and Independent Woman for Girls Needing a Punch ...

By Sarah

Today I was thinking about just how important it is to be a strong independent woman, and in reality how we can achieve this. Independence affords us freedom to achieve our goals and to live the lifestyle that we want. I had always assumed that it was a state of mind and that our strength and independence comes from within, but today I realised that whilst there is freedom of mind and speech – material things can make us stronger too. Here are my 8 ways to be a strong independent woman.

1 Speak Your Mind

person, singer, singing, There is something beautiful about having the confidence to express your feelings and be honest to others. In the modern world we have granted freedom of speech and we should embrace it with open arms. The first step to strength and independence comes from speaking your mind and knowing your opinions are of value.

2 Make Your Own Path

audience, musical theatre, Don’t be afraid to make a splash and follow a less traditional path in life. Whatever you want in life it is important to go for it even if you are afraid or if other people are sceptical about you want to achieve. Being strong and independent means being ready to fly solo if needs must.

3 Pay Your Way

screenshot, presentation, Don’t rely on someone else to fund your choices and lifestyle. Whilst there is no harm in accepting help from friends and family, do not become dependent on others for money. Get a job, have a budget and build your own savings.

4 Home Can Be a Sanctuary

hair, face, person, nose, blond, Your home should be a place of refuge and contentment. Whether you live alone or with loved ones, you home should be a place of stability. If you build a strong foundation at home it will make the other areas of your life easier and happier.

5 Travel Alone

, Don’t be afraid to journey alone. It’s funny because I have travelled around parts of the world as a solo traveller and yet I don’t have the confidence to drive a car or go to the cinema by myself. These are definitely things I need to work on. Wherever you are going in life make sure you have the skills and daring attitude to get there alone.

6 Social Confidence

darkness, stage, screenshot, sense, Are you brave enough to attend a party by yourself? Could you give a speech to a group of strangers or start a new sports club alone? Some social situations can seem daunting and not fun – but don’t let that stop you. Having the confidence to face social situations head on takes guts and provides social freedom. Just like school exams, social situations can be a test – and the more you practice the better you will get.

7 Bounce Back

event, carnival, festival, We all face setbacks and struggles in life or have bad days… but what sets people apart is how they bounce back to overcome their problems. Look your demons in the eye and show the world that whilst you may make mistakes in your life, you have the confidence and strength to pick yourself up and start again. Be a force to be reckoned with.

8 Look after Number One

performance, singing, stage, fashion, singer, Being a strong and independent female means taking care of yourself and making sure your own needs are met. Look after your body, your health and inner and outer beauty. By making time for yourself, you are investing in your own success and well being.

Strong and independent females are not afraid to face the world head on and tackle challenges as they come. They value themselves; body and mind, and respect and understand the gifts they have been given. In accepting who they are they are able to find inner strength and forge a pathway true to their hearts. So stand out from the crowd and don’t look back. Stop looking at everyone around you and instead look at the bright future shining in front of you. Are you a fearless independent warrior, unafraid to take on the world?

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