The Most Memorable and Funniest Quotes from Mean Girls We'll Never Forget ...


The Most Memorable and Funniest Quotes from Mean Girls We'll Never Forget ...
The Most Memorable and Funniest Quotes from Mean Girls We'll Never Forget ...

We all probably don't want to admit how much we still love Mean Girls. Plastics, Burnouts, and everything in between, Mean Girls will always be a classic movie because of all its hilarious and completely relatable lines and quips. Thanks to, we've got here some awesome Mean Girls quotes perfectly set as inspirational pictures to add some spunk to your dull mornings.

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"I'm Sorry That People Are so Jealous of Me. but I Can't Help It That I'm Popular.”

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"That's Why Her Hair is so Big. It's Full of Secrets.”

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"Oh My God, Danny Devito! I Love Your Work!”

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"That's so Fetch!”

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"We Only Carry Sizes 1, 3 and 5. You Could Try Sears.”

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"I'm Not like a Regular Mom. I'm a Cool Mom.”

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"on Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

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"Whatever. I'm Getting Cheese Fries.”

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"if You're from Africa, then Why Are You White?”

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"I Can't Go to Taco Bell, I'm on an All-carb Diet!”

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"Don't Have Sex. You Will Get Pregnant and Die.”

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"is Butter a Carb?"

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"Get in, Loser. We're Going Shopping!”

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"Four for You, Glenn Coco! You Go, Glenn Coco!”

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"Ex-boyfriends Are Just off Limits to Friends. I Mean, That's Just like, the Rules of Feminism!”

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