Love ❤️ is Louder 🔊: Quotes for when You're at Your Lowest 🌈 ...

Each year, more than 800,00 people worldwide die by suicide. It is reported that an average of 94 suicides are carried out daily. Often, we do not know have the answers to why this happens and it could have been stopped. People tend to think that someone who is suicidal is sad. Here's when quotes for when you're at your lowest can help.

Statistics have shown that individuals who do act upon suicidal feelings are often not sad. More than 40% of loved ones have said that the person looked or appeared happy.

One way to shed some light upon mental health, including suicide, with it being National Suicide Awareness month, is to listen and reach out if you notice a shift of behavior in someone. Especially if an individual tells you they want to commit suicide.

Keep these quotes for when you're at your lowest in mind when all seems at lost, whether it is yourself or someone dear to you. When there is pain, no matter how heavy, there is always and forever hope.

1. "the Two Most Important Days in Your Life Are the Day You Were Born, and the Day You Find out Why" – Mark Twain

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