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10 Inspirational Quotes for when You Need a Boost for Your Day ...

By Katlyn

Have you ever had a bad day and found yourself looking for inspirational quotes for when you need a boost? You're not alone.

Who doesn't need a good pick-me-up every now and then? These inspirational quotes for when you need a boost will help you push through and brighten your day no matter what's going on.

1 “Don’t Compare Your Life to Others. There’s No Comparison between the Sun and the Moon. They Shine when It’s Their Time.”

sky, rock, historic site, escarpment, mountain,

2 “an Arrow Can Only Be Released by First Pulling It Back. when Life Pulls You Back, It Simply Means You’re Launching into Something Amazing.”

doll, human hair color, red hair, barbie, wig,

3 “You Can’t Start the Next Chapter of Your Life if You Keep Rereading the Last One.”

head, girl,

4 “Sunsets Are Proof That Endings Can Be Beautiful.”

horizon, sun, sunrise, sky, sunset,

5 “Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations.”

path, wilderness, outdoor recreation, nature reserve, vegetation,

6 “Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today.”

boston terrier, dog breed, dog, dog like mammal, snout,

7 “It’s Okay to Be a Glow Stick; Sometimes We Need to Break before We Shine.”

entertainment, darkness, light, stage, event,

8 “You Never Fail until You Stop Trying”

chin, electronic device, muscle, audio, professional,

9 “Life is Tough, but so Are You.”

underwater, underwater diving, scuba diving, organism, personal protective equipment,

10 “I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am What I Choose to Become.”

“I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am What I Choose to Become.”

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