7 Surprisingly Inspirational Louis CK Quotes ...

Even though he's a comedian that specializes in dirty, inappropriate humor, there are some pretty inspirational Louis CK quotes. He's a man who tells it like it is, so you know what he's saying is the truth. Plus, he's pretty passionate about everything that he talks about, so you know that he's really thought over his opinions. Whether or not you're a fan of his comedy, we all can agree that the following Louis CK quotes are utterly inspirational:

1. Grass Isn't Greener

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People are constantly competing with one another. They want to wear the best clothes, eat the tastiest meals, and date the sexiest men. This is one of the Louis CK quotes that should remind you that your life is pretty darn special. You don't have have to compare it to others in order to feel good about yourself. Life isn't a competition, so stop making it one.

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