11 Inspiring Quotes That'll Get You to the Finish Line ...


I absolutely love quotes that'll get you to the finish line. They're extremely motivating, not just for fitness, but in any goal you set in life. I love keeping these quotes up where I can see them. Whether you're training for a marathon or need motivation to meet a deadline, try reading over these quotes that'll get you to the finish line.

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Not about the Finish Line

Not about the Finish Line This anonymous quote is so very true. It's one of the best quotes that'll get you to the finish line. So often, we compare ourselves to others. We feel if we don't succeed first, then we'll never succeed. It's not about when you finish something, it's about continuing to work hard until you do reach the finish line. Everyone has their own road to take with their own finish line at the end.


Many Paths

Many Paths I love this quote from Amby Burfoot. The finish line isn't always straight ahead on an easy road. Sometimes you have to try a little harder or do something different to succeed. It reminds us to keep trying until we find the right path for us. Instead of giving up, you have to keep seeking out the finish line until you find the success you dream of.


Stumbling Journey

Stumbling Journey I've never discovered who said it, but these wise words help remind me that I will stumble on my way to the finish line. There are numerous bumps in the road, but you have to keep going. Even runners get up when they fall and keep racing towards the finish line. Don't let every little stumble be the end of your journey. Instead, keep going and reach the finish line.


Get Back up

Get Back up This classic quote from Vince Lombardi is truly inspiring. So what if you fall down on your way to the finish line? All that matters is getting back up. After all, you'll get back up more times than you fall down. It might be hard, but you can reach the finish line as long as always get back up when you fall. Remember, no one can keep you down but you.


Go through Obstacles

Go through Obstacles Michael Jordan knew what he was talking about with this famous quote. Think of an obstacle course for a minute. The finish line seems impossible to reach, but when you find a way through each obstacle in your path, the finish line is suddenly right in front of you. Every race and goal in life will be full of obstacles. All you have to do is go through them to reach the other side.


Setting Goals

Setting Goals I can't help but be inspired by this quote from Dave Scott. Simply achieving your goal is all you need to focus on. You set your own finish line. Forget about what others are doing and work towards your own finish. Your goals are your own race and when you think of it that way, the only person you compete against is yourself.


Expect to Win

Expect to Win The way you think is important and this quote from Tiger Woods proves that. You'll never reach the finish line if you don't believe you can. When you change the way you think, you drastically improve your chances at success. Whenever you set a goal, believe you can succeed. This is just as important as training, planning and working through your goal.



Perseverance Samuel Johnson is exactly right. It takes far more than strength to reach the finish line. It takes perseverance as well. As long as you're willing to keep trying and never give up, you will succeed. It's an inspiring message and one that's helped me finish many goals in my life.


Heart over Talent

Heart over Talent At first, I didn't really understand this quote from Allen Iverson. However, it's not always about who has the most talent. The most successful people are full of heart. They believe in themselves and persevere no matter what. When you mix heart with talent, you have an unbeatable combination that'll get you to the finish line any day.


Don't Quit

Don't Quit Muhammad Ali definitely trained hard, but look what he achieved. Sometimes you give up before you ever get close to the finish line because you think it's too hard. Instead of quitting, push through all the obstacles and work hard. One day you will cross the finish line and know the feeling of being a champion. I know it sounds corny, but it's true.


Judged by Finishing

Judged by Finishing This is a powerful anonymous quote that helps remind us that it's not about starting something, it's all about finishing. I know I'm guilty of starting something and never finishing. Until you finish, you can't really say you did it. Our accomplishments are the things we finish. Don't give up before you reach the finish line. Be judged as the champion you are.

The finish line isn't nearly as hard to reach as it may seem sometimes. Instead of giving up, read some of these quotes to yourself for a much needed boost to get to and across the finish line. What are your favorite finish line quotes?

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