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7 Quotes from Warren Buffett That Will Teach You How to Be Successful ...

By Corina

Because he is a world-renowned philanthropist and investor and is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen of 20th century, here are a few inspiring quotes from Warren Buffett that will motivate you to reach all your goals. Despite his incredible success, he still remains very down to earth and his thoughts on money and investing offer valuable wisdom for anyone in business. His willingness to disperse his knowledge to the world at large earned him the nickname of the Oracle of Omaha. He really is a true genius and he has the ability to simplify complex ideas into quotes that will definitely stand the test of time. Here are 7 inspiring quotes from Warren Buffett that will teach you how to be successful:

1 Be Wary

Be Wary This is definitely one of the most inspiring quotes from Warren Buffett. Try to be wary not only in business, but in life in general too. It’s so easy to destroy your public image, so be careful what you say and most importantly, what actions you take. If you want to be successful, then try to weigh every decision you make with extreme caution, like a million dollar decision.

2 Associate with the Right People

Associate with the Right People Be careful whom you associate yourself with when it comes to business. Don’t put faith in someone you don’t trust because you might get hurt and your business might suffer from your bad judgment. Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people who can inspire you and who want what’s best for you.

3 Appreciate What Came before

Appreciate What Came before Try to appreciate what others did before because you are now successful because others have paved the way for you to succeed. Be thankful to those who contributed to your success and appreciate their accomplishments!

4 Be Certain of Your Success

Be Certain of Your Success Have faith in your abilities and be convinced that you will succeed. Just believe in yourself and you’ll find the strength to overcome all the obstacles that you might encounter in your path. If you believe in your ability to be successful, others will think that too and they will help you to reach your goals.

5 Don’t Forget about Business Basics

Don’t Forget about Business Basics If you want to be successful, then don’t forget about business basics. Be bold, be confident and act with honor and integrity. Try to improve your knowledge and business skills so that your business can benefit from your experience. There are a lot of free online courses for professionals that you can take and that will help you reach your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

6 Value Your Opinion

Value Your Opinion It’s okay to listen to other people’s opinions, especially to those of the people who want what’s best for you. Yet, you should trust your instinct and make the decision that you know is best for your business. Just have faith in your abilities and be bold and confident!

7 Honesty

Honesty Honesty really is a gift, so treasure it and surround yourself with honest people who will always give you constructive feedback and on whom you can always count. Don’t take feedback personally and cherish your business partners’ opinions!

There are a lot of inspiring Warren Buffett quotes that will help you achieve all your goals. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other brilliant quotes from Warren Buffett? Do tell!


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