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If you want to develop self-confidence and learn how successful people think, here are a few powerful words that confident people always use. You can live the life of your dreams if you just use the right words sometimes. You may also need to change some limiting beliefs that you formed years ago, to overcome some fears or to simply take yourself out of a situation where others undermine your abilities. It’s amazing how sometimes a single word can convey a lot of power and confidence, so the words that you use on a regular basis can say a lot about what type of person you are, just like your clothes or your body language. Here are 7 powerful words that you should build into your vocabulary if you want to be more confident:

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This is definitely one of the most powerful words that you should include in your vocabulary if you want to feel more confident. Just remove all the words that are noncommittal, like “try”, “maybe”, “probably” or “might”. If you know that you have the ability to do a certain thing, then just say you can do it.



A confident individual has faith in their abilities and skills and also, they know what they can or can’t do. They even have the confidence that they will manage to finish their projects on time or that they will turn up for a meeting on time. For example, they don’t arrange a meeting at around 10 AM; they will be there at dead on 10 AM.



A confident person knows that they have all the resources they need to take care of any task and that they will always finish what they start. They always set positive goals and they do everything in their power to achieve them because they know they can do it. They are not afraid of making plans, making decisions or setting targets since they know that they will always obtain what they want.



Confident people are not afraid of being successful. They enjoy felling victorious and they know that this is the payback for their hard work. In their opinion, success is not something that they should be ashamed or be bashful about because they know that they can achieve it and this way, they will fulfill all their dreams.



Most confident people are aware of how much they can do if they just believe in themselves. They know that they can do everything they set their mind to and they also encourage others with their positive attitude. For example, they will always say to one of thier loved ones who is feeling a bit down “I know you can” and not “I think you can”.



In the vocabulary of a confident individual, everything is definite. They set deadlines and they have realistic goals because they commit to something only if they know that they can do it. When they say “definitely”, it never means “maybe”. If they fall behind schedule, they will stay up the night before the deadline and work, so they’ll be able to keep their word.



Confident people are not afraid of expressing their needs and desires. They never beat around the bush, they take risks and they are never overly fazed by a refusal. If they want to do something, then they just say that’s what they want. For example, if they want a date, then they will ask for one.

You should know that there is confidence in everything successful people do both in their professional and in their personal lives. They are not afraid of stating their feelings and they always use the right words to convey the right message. Do you know any other powerful words that confident people always use? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Many years ago as a small kid at school I can still remember the teacher writing the word can't on the blackboard. He then got us to repeat the word loudly after him,struck out the T and then got us to repeat loudly I can ! It just got drummed into us !

"Never say I can't; just say I will try."

When I'm confident about a decision I'll say, trust me, I'm more than positive it will work.

Never say I will try. Always say I will!! Even if you don't succeed your one step closer to that goal!!

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